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1500pts Orks vs Tyranids. BatRep. Image heavy.
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Default 1500pts Orks vs Tyranids. BatRep. Image heavy.


Both of these armies are mine, but my friend was using my Orks as he forgot to bring his marines round. He built this list from what I had in my Ork collection and decided to go semi-horde, rather than my oft-used nob army. I went for my standard 1.5k tyranid list.

His list:
old zogwort
PK warboss
30 boys with nob/bosspole
30 boys with nob/bosspole/PK
10 gretchin
Zzap gun w. 2 ammo runts
Zzap gun w. 1 ammon runt
Battlewagon w. killkannon and 4 big shootas
deffkopta w. PK and rokkits
deffkopta w. PK and rokkits
3 dekkkoptas w. rokkits
5 tooled up nobz (2 PK and painboy(all armour upgrades))

My list:
hive tyrant w. bonesword/lash whip and talons
broodlord (tooled up(feeder tendrils))
retinue of 8 'stealers (talons, acid maw and extended carapace)
3 warriors w. deathspitters and venom cannon. Carapace.
10 termagants WoN
8 termagants WoN
8 souped-up hormagaunts
7 'stealers (scuttlers, acid maw and carapace)
ravener w. 2 talons
ravener w. 2 talons
ravener w. 2 talons
biovore (toxin mines)
zoanthrope (warpblast, synapse)
carnifex (tusked, talons, claws +1T/W/Sv)

The board we played on:

We rolled for which game and set-up and the dice came up as a 4 and a 1- capture/control and pitched battle respectively.

I chose to place my objective deep in my deployment zone, whilst my friend placed his towards the center of the board, in one of the ruins.

Pre-game thoughts:

Ow. I've never really played a combat horde before. Looks like I'm going to have to charge those large mobs with everything at the same time and try and avoid that 24" range killkannon.
As I set up first, I placed a small force to flank. He set up a large mob opposite looks like I'm going to have to rapidly re-deploy. Thank god only my broodlord is the only independant character, so I'm quite safe from zogwort's curse.

My friend fails (narrowly) to seize the initiative.

Tyranids turn 1:

The majority of my force swarms foward, eager to intercept the large boyz mobs. However, my small flank force, consisting of the zoanthrope, hormagaunts and a ravener, is quick to scuttle away from zogwort and his large mob. My run rolls aren't all that good. The most important units, namely the tyrant and carnifex all acheive 1's and 2's, whilst the gaunts get 5's/6's. In the shooting, the biovore launches a toxin-coated mine into zogwort's unit, scattering wildly and only killing 1. The only other shoting is the warrior's venom cannon which fails to hit zogwort and his mob.

Ork turn 1:

The orks swarm foward as one, crashing towards my units. Thankfully, the grotz roll a 3 for difficult terrain, impeding the movement of the faster boyz behind them. in the shooting phase, zogwort gets the waaagh! power and my friend decides to roll for another, getting the waaagh! again. He decides not to call it. Both boyz mobz choose to run, along with the annoying grotz. the grotz run 1, still impeding the boyz behind who roll a 6.
The 1st Zzap gun powers up and rolls a 7 for strength. The shot slams into the zoanthrope, wounds it, but the shot is saved by the cover. The 2nd Zzap gun also shoots at it, rolling 8 for strength, but fails to wound it, rolling the dreaded '1'! The killkannon is fired, but is agonisingly short of the tyranid horde.

Tyranid turn 2:

Alas, looking back, I forgot my reserves for this turn! Once again, the tyranid swarm fowards, getting good difficult terrain rolls and the flanking force moving towards the center of the board. i get Ok, uneventful run rolls and then it's on to shooting. The warrior's deathspitters roll fantastically, hitting 9 of zogwort's boyz, wounding 7, but my friend rolls amazingly as well, passing all but one of his cover saves. The venom cannon, once again, misses.
My zoanthrope fires an unfoccused warpblast, hitting 6, but my friend makes 4 of his cover saves. The biovore is better this time, killing 3 boyz for zogwort's unit with a more accurate shot. The carnifex runs foward, getting behind the wall, ensuring that it'll get to strike, even if it's killed by the charging boyz.

Ork turn 2:

Thankfully, Chris (my friend) forgot his reserves as well, levelling the score a bit. chris was gettings annnoyed by his grotz, as once again, they got a 2 on their difficult terrain test, stopping the boyz behind from moving at full speed. Zogwort gets the waaagh! power again- this time he keeps it, realising that this could be the boost that the boyz near the grotz needed. The zoanthrope makes it's cover save from the Zzap gun again and the other one targets the biovore, the shot just out of range.
The battlewagon unleashes a salvo of big shoota fire at the tyrant, wounding the guard, but the shot is saved by it's thick carapace. Finally, the grotz run out of the boyz' way, leaving the boyz enough space to Waaagh! into the carnifex. Meanwhile, zogwort's squad kill 3 termagants with thier crude ork sluggas. The carnifex, rolling a 4 for it's crushing claw attacks, only manages to kill a solitary boy. The nob with the power klaw hits 4 times, needing 2's but only manages to wound 2 times. Phew! The 8 boyz in range of combat hit 25 times, wound it 4 times, but all attacks are saved by the 2+ armour. The carnifex looses combat, but holds, due to being fearless.

Tyranid turn 3:

Reinforcements! my lictor and the unit of 7 genestealers arrive. The broodlord rolls a double 1, even with the lictor's pheremone trail. I realise that this is the perfect change to attack the boyz mobs. All of my units prepare to shoot and attack the boyz mobs, however, I got atrocious fleet rolls. The zoanthrope fails to kill any boyz and the termagants kill 2 of zogwort's boyz, black bugs eating through their bodies. The warriors manage to kill 4 boyz this turn and the biovore kills 2 topping it's total to 5 of zogwort's sqwad. The lictor, after appearing close to zogwort, fails to charge, getting a triple 2 for it's difficult terrain.
Every other tyranid unit charges one of the boyz units, 2 raveners and 2 hormagaunts alone slice up zogwort before he gets to strike. The rest of the gaunts kill 7 of zogwort's boyz. The remaining boyz kill 2 hormagaunts, wound both raveners. Amazingly, these are the first tyranid casualties!

In the other combat, the newly arrived 'stealers chop up 7 boyz, whilst the ravener and termagants kill 7 more. The carnifex performs badly again and kills 2, and the PK nob does a wound to it. The boyz loose by 6, and 6 die. Both ork mobs are at about 1/3rd strength- not good for Chris.

Ork turn 3:

Reinforcements! 1 of the PK 'koptas arrives and the deff"plane" sqwadron fly on near the battlewagon. The warboss and his nobz jump out of their battlewagon, throwing abuse at the barely-sentient guard. The battlewagon fires a salvo of big shoota fire at the guard again, wounding it. All of Chris' deffkoptas fail to kill the guard, despite being twin-linked. The gretchin walk backwards warily, reluctant to combat the genestealers. Both Zzap guns fail the hurt the zoanthrope! (now that was a waste of 69pts!)
The warboss and his nobz charge the tyrant. Annoyingly for me, I fail to kill the warboss before it hits, instead leaving it on 1 wound. The painboy rolls first, striking with his 'urty syringe, killing the guard and wounding the tyrant! The rest of the nobz' power klawz tear the tyrant into mush.
In the carnifex combat, the ravener and the genestealers fail to kill any boyz, instead leaving the gaunts to kill 1. Once again, the carnifex rolls badly, only killing 1 boy- in return the nob wounds the carnifex. The boyz then strike at the 'fex wounding it 3 times. There is a 50/50 of me loosing the carnifex here, but thankfully, I save them all. The boyz run and the I6 genestealers run them down with ease. In the other combat, the raveners and hormaguants kill 7, leaving a nob and a boy left. They kill 1 hormagaunt. The orks lost by 6 and are run down down as well!

Tyranid turn 4:

The broodlord finally comes onto the side near the gretchin and deffkoptas. The termagants finds themselves out of synapse range, retreating fowards towards the broodlord. The rest of the tyranids swarm foward. The biovore fails to kill any nobz, whilst the warriors manage to bring 1 down. In combat, the broodlord charges the helpless grotz, killing 4 alone, whilst his retinue butcher the others. The hormagaunts and a ravener charge Zzao guns 1 and 2 respectively, slaughtering the crew and consolidating towards the battlewagon.

Ork turn 4:

The final deffkopta comes in, swooping down near the carnifex. The nobz and warboss prepare for an assault on the normal genestealers. Chris calls a WAAAGH! The killkannons fails again as the shot scatters 8" off the broodlord, narrowly missing his deffkoptas. All of the deffkoptas fail again to take the carnifexs' last wound. The warboss only Waaagh!'s 1", but the wound is saved. In combat, the genestealers strike first, doing a single nob a wound. They are all killed in return. Finally, the 'fex is killed in combat by the new PK deffkopta. In return the carnifex does a wound. Instant death.. splat!

Tyranid turn 5:

All of the outlying 'nids surge foward, desparate for a turn in the bloodshed. The biovore fails to hurt, any deffkoptas. The broodlord and his retinue charge the nobz, slipping over the dried-iup river in haste to bloody their talons. The big choppa nobz kill 2 stealers and the warboss kills 5 more. The tyranids strike back, causing 7 rends and slaying 3 nobz. The orks narrowly win the combat. Hold!

Ork turn 5:

The deffkopta that killed the carnifex flies towards the termagants holding the ork objective. The other 3 deffkoptas turbo-boost toward the tyranid home objective. The battlewagon finally kills something, peppering the ravener with bullets. The PK kopta charges the termagants and kill 2, only 1 left! They hold thanks the the broodlord. In combat, the warboss and nob are speared on talons and the broodlord consolidates.

The dice came up as a ........ 2 , ending the game.

1-0 victory for Hive fleet Draconus! Good game Chris.

At this point, i accidentely dropped my camera and my lictor, snapping off limbs.. :'(

End Game:

Dead piles:

Chris' deffkopta was a single termagant away for clearing the objective, and a single turbo-boost could have swayed the game. This was by far one of the bloodiest games I have ever played, with 2/3rds of the ork army wiped out by turn 3 and the last remaining greenskin troop choice killed in turn 4. Altogether, this was a great, enjoyable game any I'm sure it tought both of us some new tricks. Kudos to Chris!


The nobz- although nothing performed outstoudingly well for the orks, the nobz did kill a stealer squad and the guard/tyrant.


not sure...

Either the carnifex- survived round after round of rokkits and held the large boy mob up admirably.


The souped-up horm's: they got a huge total of kills during the game, strking the orks on 3's really helped.

Thanks for reading...


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Default Re: 1500pts Orks vs Tyranids. BatRep. Image heavy.


Not to complain, but:
1) You've already posted this Battle Report in the tyranid thread...and duplicate thread are not allowed;
2) We have a board dedicated to battle report here for this exact purpose, why not use it?

Aside for that. Nice report.
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Default Re: 1500pts Orks vs Tyranids. BatRep. Image heavy.

Battle reports go into the Battle Report board, as you've done, so locking this one.
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