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Proper Assault
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Proper Assault

SO, reading through the rules earlier today, I realized that apparently I misread the assault rules before.
If One needs to have all their models so close to the enemy unit in order to assault, what is the use of having large mobs of 20-30 boyz? won't most of them not be able to fight?
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Default Re: Proper Assault

The main bonus this provides is that with the Orks higer than average WS, you can remain in assault for longer, and stand a good chance of winning, plus the orks lack of armour and the beauty of the Mob Rule, means that bigger squads are highly beneficial.
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Default Re: Proper Assault

Don't forget that everyone within 2" of a friendly model in base contact with the enemy also gets to fight.

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Default Re: Proper Assault

Also remember that the defender moves 6" to try and contact as many models in base to base as possible. Even with 30 Orks you can get most of them in a fight, unless you are funnelled through a small area.
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Default Re: Proper Assault

1) Absorb casualties (War of Attrition) through shooting and assault
2) Mob Rule as any unit with more than 11 models are Fearless
3) Getting as many models as you can to contribute their attacks
4) Getting stuck in with as many opponent as possible
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