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Looting Termagants
Old 12 Dec 2009, 01:26   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Looting Termagants

Yesterday I had an Idea to loot some of these guys

Think this is possible because I do. I was thinking of giving them Hats and Riders
The would be like new awesome Bikes
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Default Re: Looting Termagants

The problem is that the gaunts wouldn't be large enough.
It'd look funny, but bad-funny, not cool-funny.

Looting some of the new Raveners on the other hand…
Originally Posted by CmdrBonesaw
"Drop the shovel, and stand back from the keyboard!"

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Default Re: Looting Termagants

Originally Posted by Ravager Zero
Looting some of the new Raveners on the other hand…
Orks with cowboy hats going all rodeo on them, that would be awesome. ;D
Originally Posted by Silk Fanboy
See tarik you're the only smart one
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Default Re: Looting Termagants

Step 1: buy some Goblin riders, separate if possible.

Step 2: convert them into ammo runts, grot riggers, and grot orderly upgrades. Or if you think you can balance/squeeze their already wide legs together, do so.

Step 3: Put them on some gaunts (though I suggest Hormagaunts), and have them ride alongside your Bikers. This lets you have that Painboy Nob Biker carry his Grot Orderly.
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Default Re: Looting Termagants

As Ravager said, the Orks would be far too big to ride the termagant so you would have to use grotz.

What wbout a looted Subteranean Swarm? (ie a Trygon and two broods of 3 raveners >)
*Sorck adds Trygon to looting list :P
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