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Kan Wall Tactica
Old 05 Dec 2009, 05:43   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Kan Wall Tactica

My brother plays tyranids, and I'm considering making a Kan wall army just to mess with him.
Aside from an unhealthy amount of walkers, what needs to go into that kind of army?
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Default Re: Kan Wall Tactica

I made this list and i got 9 killa kans. Gave them all grot zookas. A big mek with a kff is a must. I beleive, but no too sure, everything else is up to you. I had battlwagons and truks behind this wall with boyz and nobs which moved up slowly until in range for a charge. Its affective agianst an army that lacks anti tank. But still if they bring a decent amount, the kff can handle it.
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Default Re: Kan Wall Tactica

There is a good tactica called:"Dreadbash" in the library.
If you are using a Kan wall vs Tyranids, I'd recommend Killa Kans with Grotzookas and Rokkits (for the small and big bugs respectively), and a good deal of boyz. Besides that, you can use other vehicles to deliver your boyz (Wagons or Trukks). Bringing a KFF is fairly mandatory, however.

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