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some newbie question?
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Default some newbie question?

I love orks alot, i think they are awesome. i have some stupid question about orks. what kinds of fast attack we must have for the game, what should not? what heavy attack do we need, and what shouldn't? i think lootas is much better than burna boy. and those are my question.
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Default Re: some newbie question?

I would recommend looking in the sticky (it's the first post in the main Ork board) for the Ork Library, as it has most of the tactica for the specific units.
Fast attack units are a bit of a personal preference, and Heavy Support as well...
If you're asking for a personal suggestion, I like Stormboyz, Deffkoptas, Killa Kans, Dreadnaughts and of course, Battlewagons.
Oh, and yes, Lootas are much better than burna boyz in almost (but not exclusively) every situation.

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Default Re: some newbie question?

Fast attack like Warbikes, with Ghaz making them Troops to claim Objectives are Pretty Sweet, Kopters are nice Long range or in your face attacking with Hit and Run, in 5th Edition Warhammer 40K, Mobilization is a Big key, and Orcs needs to get in there face to face to be most Effective, there not Big Sit back and shoot at you or in there case Sit back and Shoot around you. and Real Shoot armies would shoot them to death trying to slug out Shell to Shell, plus 30 Orcs and Large Blast markers are Bad News! but 30 Orcs Wailing on a Heavy Weapon Squad in Close Combat is Quite Satisfying.
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Default Re: some newbie question?

Originally Posted by Pearlay
Fast attack like Warbikes, with Ghaz making them Troops to claim Objectives are Pretty Sweet
No, Wazzdakka makes them troops, not Ghaz, Ghaz, just like other warbosses makes 1 individual unit of nobz or meganobz into troops choices, although that includes nob bikers but do you really want to waste them taking objectives.
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