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How many lootas should i take
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Default How many lootas should i take

I run a wagon heavy list and have trouble coming up with the right anti tank options like on how many squads lootas i should take or should i depend on my nobs on bikes with boss and mass boy and spam attacks to kill list like eldar.

one of the main trouble is that my wagons are always in the way and i can't target enemy tanks while i ram 3 wagons and nob bikers into their lines. But most of the times i end up killing enemy with surrounding vehicle and use one inch rule to kill passengers.

so how many squads of lootas should my ork army take and in what numbers?
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Default Re: How many lootas should i take

Hmm, with a fast army of three Battlewagons and Nob Bikers, it sounds like you just need some range support to soften up their transports (especially fast ones like Eldar). Depending on how many points you have, I'd recommend 10-12.
10 is a good number, as on most rolls (you get 1d3 shots per Loota), you'll be getting 6-7 hits, which is at least 1-2 glances/penetrating hits. I find this is enough to slow down most fast moving AR12 things.
In terms of getting them to shoot at something, you need to keep an eye on deployment.
Lootas are best if used with some altitude. Look to put them in a building, on a hill, or something that will give them a better look over your Wagons.
Or you can place them on an opposite flank from your Wagons and let them pepper the enemy with their mighty 48" range (Although this does put them at greater jeopardy from the opposing army...).
If used properly, Lootas can be a deadly weapon that your opponent will never touch all game, but don't feel bad if they fall. Unlike most other Ork units, they are fragile, and will fall apart if they encounter much resistance beyond a small Grot mob

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Default Re: How many lootas should i take

I always take a squad of 10 in my all comers list. Anything less than that, and they can't reliably cause enough wounds/glances/pens. I don't use more than 10 for a couple reasons. 1) I only converted 10. 2) As Bigtoof said, they are a fragile unit. They don't have a bosspole, and if enough enemy fire is concentrated on them, they will flee. You could say having 15 will make them fearless, but I feel the unit costs too much for their role.

Deployment really is the key here, but that's true with every unit. A lot of times I won't deploy mine with their sites set on a specific target, but a location in mind. I once set mine up with LOS to an open area. The CSM player then chose not to drive his beserker filled rhino across that area, so I denied him movement without firing a shot.

Don't be afraid to move them, if you don't have a shot. This happened to me one time, where I placed them on the back edge of the landing pad. That piece of terrain is so big, my lootas couldn't see anything that wasn't far away.

Always be aware of outflanking units though, and if your enemy has them deploy more than 12" from the edge. Fast attackers and outflankers can ruin the lootas' day.
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Default Re: How many lootas should i take

Personally i take ten myself but wouldnt knock 15 if i had the mini's to do so would love to see my opponents face lol
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Default Re: How many lootas should i take

Personally I like lootas a lot however I find that they best work on infantry because of how many bullets they throw out in a squad of 30, (which normally make your toughness roll a 1 up take away any armor saves I might add). if you want to tank out some tanks quick you might want to go with the twin linked rockets from the Koptas. I find they work very well with their str 8 rockets at the back or side of a tank, also you don't have to worry about LOS with em.
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