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Facing orks in tourney and need a little information.
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Default Facing orks in tourney and need a little information.

So tommorow i am going to be in a 1k point tourney and a friend is going to play orks (his first tourney with them and havn't played any games against orks). I don't know much about orks so i was wondering what the point of some units are. I will be playing chaos marines and he will be playing foot nobs and a couple other things. He most likely will have a battle wagon, warboss, 2 small squads of nobs on foot with power claws (is that a power weapon or power fist?), a few deft copters, and 10-20 boys depending on what he desides on. my question is whats the best plan against the nobs? What kinda weapons does the copters use? Should i just rapid fire the boys and hope that is enough to take them out? Whats the stats on the weapons on the wartruck (think it's a wartruck, it holds 20 orks)?. Or should i try out a khorne heavy list so i can beat him in combat? Thinking what kinda shooty i should use for this(also plan to face 1 marine player, 2 nids, a gray knights, 1 chaos marines, and 1 unknown)
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Default Re: Facing orks in tourney and need a little information.

I know the one glaring weakness of the Ork list is their lack of anti-tank, especially ways to deal with AV14. Power klaws, if I remember right, are like power fists so I'd keep those away from my tanks.

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Default Re: Facing orks in tourney and need a little information.

Well if he is footslogging nobs I wouldn't be too worried about them. Their power claws are the same as power fists. Their leadership isn't that great, so just force morale checks for killing 25%. Try to hit them with strength 8 weapons, so you instakill them if they fail their invulnerable save.

Koptas have either twin linked machine guns +1 strength to bolters, or twin linked rokkits, same as a krak missile. They can also take power claws, but they aren't as strong as nobs. They can 1st turn charge anything on the table with a turboboosting scout move. They can outflank as well.

Battlewagons have monolith armor up front, and chimera armor on the sides. They can take all kinds of guns. The one that would hurt marines the most is the killkannon. It is almost twice your toughness, but is AP3, and large blast.

Boys have crap for armor, and bolters will shred them. Try to concentrate on one mob to get it below 12 models. Over 11, and they are fearless.
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Default Re: Facing orks in tourney and need a little information.

Did ok in the tourney, was 3 rounds so i got a tie, loss, then a win. The first round was against space wolfs ( didn't really expect to see them there so didn't take time to read up on what they do.....and how good they are at assault) it was a tie because there was 2 capture points and both were empty but he had 2 small squads left, a lone wolf, a vindi without it's big gun, and 1 rhino left while all i had was a defiler.
Round 2 was against spacemarines and was spearhead annaliation. For some reason about 6" from one corner was a castle so he chose to hide behind that with 2 rhinos, a razor back, vindi, and librarian. First 2 turns he did nothing while i got closer with my rhinos and prince, then turn 3 he runs everything out and shoots my prince with 2 las cannons, 3 plasma guns, and a vortex of doom (only 4 got to wound.....and i failed all 4 invo saves :'( ). After that it was a couple rounds of exchanging fire but in the end he has a full tac squad, half of a 2nd, a rhino, and a razorback left while all i had left was a rhino and 1 plague marine with a power fist (was able to kill a rhino at end of turn 7) and ended up losing by 1 kill point
As for round 3 it was against the ork player and he had a battle wagon, warboss with nobs in it and pain boy, 3 coptors, and on foot 20 boys. I had the luck of going first but the board was FULL of terrain so the orks had cover against everything... There was a half callapsed house in the middle that was about 4 floors tall so near the end he sent all his orks in there to hide while i had to run around to try and shoot him. In the end i lost 2 plague marine suads and a daemon prince of nurgle and killed :the warboss, the battle wagon, the coptors, and on the last turn killed off the final nob( **** those are hard to kill for orks).

Overall it was a fun tourney though i got tired of fighting against assault armies when i was pure shooty( except for daemon prince and 2 power fists). The pain pain was the random warhammer fantasy pieces they used since usually it's just a bunch of near to ground level ruins or a small bunker and some forests(there was a castle, a 4 floor house, and a giant rock alter that looked chaosy that had people running around it trying to get line of sight/avoid it).
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Default Re: Facing orks in tourney and need a little information.

ummm no you failed 5 invo saves because you were playing your deamon prince with 5 wounds
space marines
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