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fielding deffkoptas
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Default fielding deffkoptas

How many deff koptas should i field in a group to ensure the destruction of a very dangerous lemun russ?
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Default Re: fielding deffkoptas

4 or 5. With Tl rokkits. Come on fromthe side board edges. Only problems wouldbe rolling on the other edge away from him, but it happens
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Default Re: fielding deffkoptas

3 units of 1 Deffkopta with Twin-Linked Rokkit Launcha and Buzzsaw; Outflank it :
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Default Re: fielding deffkoptas

Depends how far the leman russ is from the edge of board. If your outflanking you could find yourself on the wrong side. If you can get the outflank roll right then buzzsaws all the way - otherwise no good. for this reason, either take 2 squads of 3 with rokkits and saws, OR take a squad of 5 without - meaning they will just try and rokkit spam it to death.

Maybe use something else - what about killa kan squads with kustom mega blasters or something? or Nob bikers with power klaws. Thats what does them for me.

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Default Re: fielding deffkoptas

I tend to enjoy not outflanking them and using their scout move to turbo boost, if your going first you should defiantly be able to hit side armor. Outflank can do you wrong with deffkoptas, since they would draw fire from your other models, helping keep them alive.
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Old 20 Oct 2009, 01:31   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: fielding deffkoptas

If it's just one Lemun Russ with AV10 on the rear, you'll do fairly well with a single Buzzsaw with the previously mentioned Round 1 surprise assault: 3 attacks on charge, if not moving, all hit, 2 of 3 should penetrate, which will lead to at least a weapon destroyed or immobilization.

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Default Re: fielding deffkoptas

I agree with Juraigamer: scouting is very effective. If you go first you get the 18" turbo boost and the 12" move with fire. If not, you still get a 3+ cover save and they're right where you want them to be. There won't be any risk of them coming in somewhere they will be useless.

Although it does depend on the situation. I've outflanked them to great effect before. It you have a specific target, then scout. If you want to make a couple of good, juicy kills later in the match then outflank. (Im my opinion )
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Default Re: fielding deffkoptas

Turboboosting is 24" not 18". If you have first turn I highly recommend doing just that. Tonight I played against Blood Angels and first turn I boosted my pair in front of a Baal. 1st turn I fired and wrecked it with the rokkits. Not what I was planning, but it worked. Next turn he had to use three attack bikes with 1 melta, and 2 heavy bolters, and a lascannon to take the koptas out. They killed more than their points, and then distracted the army to keep my trukks alive.
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Default Re: fielding deffkoptas

Turbo-boosting lets you move up to 24", however as long as you move at least 18" then you count as having turbo-boosted, so you get the save.
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Default Re: fielding deffkoptas

At what point lvl do you guys run 2-3 TL Rokkit Deffkopters with a couple buzzsaws?
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