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Vs. Mech Guard
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Default Vs. Mech Guard

I'm having problems vs my bro in-laws mech guards with my boyz. We normally play around 1500 pts and I typically have four trukks with 11 boyz and a nob with a pk in addition to other units; bikes, dread, lootas and so on. My tactic for a while was to fling the trukks as fast as I could at the chimeras and everything would explode, easy as pie. But now my bro in-law has started equipping his chimeras all with heavy flamers and brings a couple hellhounds. Since I can't consolidated after the vehicle kill, I'm nice and packed in for those templates.

And so my question is this, is there a better way to open up the chimeras to get at the tasty defenseless hummies inside without sacrificing a unit each time?
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Default Re: Vs. Mech Guard

You already have everything you need to open up Chimeras without being within range of those Heavy Flamers. Warbikerz; instead of charging them, why don't you shoot their side/rear AV with your Dakkaguns. Lootas; tried and tested method of taking out Medium and Light Vehicles which is in this case, Chimeras. Nobz; preferably equipped with Cybork Bodies and with a Painboy tagging along. You still get your 5+ Invulnerable Save and your FNP when being flamed. They've 2 WOunds each to boot.
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Default Re: Vs. Mech Guard

I'd say a good small unit you could add in here to give you the boost you need, is a squad of three rokkitbuggies. Not too costly, and enough S8 TL to take a chimera down a turn.
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Default Re: Vs. Mech Guard

Awesome, thanks for the ideas guys.
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Default Re: Vs. Mech Guard

get a few Deffkoptas with TL rokkits and outflank. Hitting in the side, and if you dont blow it up with rokkets, make sure at least 1 has a buzz saw and then assault it if possible.

Otherwise take a looted wagon with a boomgun. Ordanance will mean double d6 for penetration, and you can always aim it at his guard not in transports, make them suffer. Also useful when taking out sentinel squads.

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Ah, that's a shame. It's kind of funny, because I'd imagine that running headfirst into a force field would pretty much ruin your initiative.
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Why not take over France? You could do it with a pistol, which in doing would make you the most armed man in the country.
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Default Re: Vs. Mech Guard

If you are going to kopta route, which I second, and you have first turn don't outflank them. Turboscout them 12.5" away from whichever tank you want to destroy. If you can charge more than one tank. Autohitting with Str7 on rear armor 10 can cause a lot of pain. I use a pair for 105 points, one with TLRk and the other with TLBS/buzzsaw. They can rally if one dies, and are different for wound allocation. One is good at shooting front/side armor, and the other can shoot the rear, or use the buzzsaw like a can opener.

I've also had Snikrot take out leman russ' and chimeras. IG generals seem to forget Snikrot is strong as hell, and with six attacks that reroll misses you have a good chance of him peeling the drivers out their transports.
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Default Re: Vs. Mech Guard

The way that tickles my fancy is to Deffroll the Chimeras with a Battlewagon, but it's a bit hard to get them close. (I'd advise using a KFF for an assist).
If you do have a lot of Trukks, one thing that caught my eye was using Boarding planks, as you can stay in your Trukk and still hit them with the PK.
And umm... if you're a bit crazy like me, you can try Tankbusters in a Battlewagon with Weirdboy/Warphead. Might be a bit pricey for your range, but it's nice for blowing up quite a bit of things.

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