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Shooty orkz
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Default Shooty orkz

Can a ork shooting list work and if they do what should i put into them apart from lootas?
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Default Re: Shooty orkz

In a word, yes!

I do have a shooty list:

WAARGH Grumgutz Alternate 58 "More Dakka!!!"(1850pts): 81 Infantry, 3 Walkers, 3 Artillery, 2 Vehicles; 13 KPs
Big Mek Wingnut (Big Mek w/KFF)
Ex-Farseer Lorilune, AKA Big Louie (Weirdboy w/Warphead upgrade)
Tankbustasx10 w/Nob, Bosspole, Tankhammer, 2 Bombsquigs
Nobzx7 w/Dokta Chop, PKsx3, BCsx3, Kombi-Skorchasx2, WAARGH Banner, Bosspole (BW Ded. Transport)
Shootazx25 w/PK Nob, Rokkitsx2
Shootazx25 w/PK Nob, Rokkitsx2
The Flyboyz (Deffkoptasx2 w/TL Rokkits, Buzzsaw)
BigToof (DeffDread w/Skorchasx2, counts as Troop)
Killa Kansx2 w/Grotzookas
Da Big Red Cheez (BW w/Ram, RPJ, Killkannon)
Da Beast (BW w/Deffrolla, RPJ, Big Shoota; Ded Transport)
Runtherd Bogwog w/Kannonsx3

It's a bit fun, harder to use than an assault heavy list, but for goodness sakes, don't count them out (though having some Nobs and a Kan or two JUST in case does help).

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Default Re: Shooty orkz

Shooty Orks is kinda more flexible than it's CC-orientated counterpart. Partly, because you get to do damage even before you get stuck in. You are also able to hunt down those fast moving targets such as Land Speeders and Eldar Skimmers as well as Bikes with your Lootas, Shootas, Big Shootas, Boomgun etc. It works but you're going to bash them with your Shoota anyway.

Warbikers have a very impressive weapon; the Dakkagun. They're very mobile and fast and can dish out enough firepower to mow down any Infantry with ease. They're also a good reactive unit to have around. Boomwagons, Battlewagons with Killkannon and Big Meks with SAG are the few large blast template weapons available to the Ork arsenal.
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