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The Mad Dok in close combat.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default The Mad Dok in close combat.

So the Mad Dok Grotsnik apparently comes standard with a power klaw, 'urty syringe, and a slugga.

So how do his close combat attacks work? Does he just have poisoned power klaw attacks? But wouldn't that make him WORSE if he rolled to wound on a 4+ when he's throwing a strength of 8 or 9? Does he get a bonus attack with the slugga? Or?

How does it all fall out???
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Default Re: The Mad Dok in close combat.

Well, considering that the rules in the painboy section say that the 'urty syringe is a weapon I dare suggest that he can decide to swap between the power klaw, and the combo of slugga and syringe.
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Default Re: The Mad Dok in close combat.

correct. As stated in the rulebook, if you have more than one type of special melee weapon, you may choose which effect you wish to have applied to your attacks for that round. He may chose either the 'urty syringe to strike at initiative, or power klaw because it's just plain better.
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