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My Scratch-built Battlewagon model?
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Default My Scratch-built Battlewagon model?

Over the past year or so, I have built and re-build a battlewagon using a dis-used chaos land raider and lots and lots of bitz. The battlewagon has gone through several incarnations from a simple open-topped landraider to the same thing with a large troop-carrying platform high above it. More recently I completely re-did the design so it looked like what I considered a battlewagon to look like.

But then of course, Games Workshop decided to actually build a battlewagon model and thus standardise them (not sure why exactly), anyway, my battlewagon is quite big, it's much wider, probably longer and quite tall as well.

Here's the question;
Does this affect where I can use it or even if it is usable in the current ruleset.

Cheers - Cammerz
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Default Re: My Scratch-built Battlewagon model?

Depends where you play, however as a general rule people are cool with Ork conversions since for the longest time we lacked so many models from GW, Battlewagon being one of them. I'm not a person who plays in shops but I do know some shops use the rule that the model has to be GW or at least 50% GW parts, something along those lines.

There's no reason it wouldn't be usable in the current rules. Size variations aren't usually a big deal since it can work for and against you at the same time. As long as those you play with are cool with it then you're fine.
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Default Re: My Scratch-built Battlewagon model?

The store I play at sometimes doesn't care if any Ork players use converted or scratchbuilt vehicles. My trukks are big enough to transport a land raider, so no quite the right size, but I like the fact that I can actually transport 12 boyz in it. My trukks are easier to shoot and harder to hide because of the size, but I don't really care and I've never had an opponent complain.
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