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Mega nobz
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Default Mega nobz

I was wondering if mega nobs can have a painboy? In the codex, it only has the option to upgrade to painboy in the nob section. Since a meganob is essentally a further upgraded nob, then wouldnt they be able to have one.

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Default Re: Mega nobz

I do not have the codex with me at the moment, but i wonder if it states as an option in the normal Nobz section to upgrade them to meganobz. I dont think so, but if they do then that would be good.

If you want a painboy in a meganob squad, get a mad dok grosnic and chuck him in the squad. Not only is he the same as a painboy but he has more Strength or Toughness and is fearless. He still gives them feel no pain and any squad of hq, troops or elite choices (and as well stormboyz and flash gits) may have a 5+ invunrable save at a cost of 5 per model. LOTS OF FUN against every1.

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Default Re: Mega nobz

Meganobz are a separate entry from regular Nobz. Nobz can't be upgraded to have mega-armor, you instead take a unit of Meganobz. Meganobz have no option to take a Painboy so you'd have to use Zambia's suggestion to get one.
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Default Re: Mega nobz

Thanks alot! That really helps!

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