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Problem with Killa Kans
Old 11 Sep 2009, 19:37   #1 (permalink)
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Default Problem with Killa Kans

Just something that has come to my attention:

What happens if give a unit of killa kans (or buggies even) grot riggers and the unit sufferes an immobilised result?

According to the rules any imobilised result is treated as destroyed... So which takes priority? Do we wait to see if the Kan comes back online? Or ignore the upgrade entirely as useless?
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Default Re: Problem with Killa Kans

In the case of squads the upgrade is useless. The Killa Kan is killad as soon as it receives the immobilized result.
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Default Re: Problem with Killa Kans

Yep, Grot Riggers are completely useless on squadrons.
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