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Musing on Nob Bikerz once again...
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Default Musing on Nob Bikerz once again...

For the last few games I had playing my Nob Bikerz, I've either loss or win but almost loss. Now, my opponent who actually did this are both competent and plays with quite a competitive list. The opponents who actually lose horribly are retards either at playing or list-building.

Now, I've been thinking; I've been running 2 Warboss Bikerz, 2 units of 9 Nob Bikerz and 3 units of 1 Deffkopta. My opponent can focus his firepower and then hammer on one thus able to kill off one unit of Nob Bikerz while being able to cripple the other (killing them until they're below half-strength). If I really want to be mean, I would have drop 1 Warboss and 1 Nob Biker unit then bring 2 mobz of Shoota Boyz and Mad Dok Grotsnik along with a mob of 'Ard Boyz plus whatever I can buy with the points left. Now, my opponent has to worry about that unit of Nob Bikerz plus 3 mobz of Boyz instead of just 2 Nob Bikerz units.
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