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1500 Points, Just needs painted :(
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Default 1500 Points, Just needs painted :(

Hey all, I have just bought the last models for my Ork 1500 point army. I have had my list made for about 5months and just got the last model. All bar one bike are just undercoated black I like painting mind you but lol Its too much!
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Default Re: 1500 Points, Just needs painted :(

My approach when I started my Orks was to more-or-less paint everything as I got it. Once that was mostly painted then I'd add more to my army and built it up that way. To start from ground zero painting and needing to paint 1,500 points of Orks, yeah that's a lot of work. Don't be discouraged though, just do one unit at a time and keep at it.
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Default Re: 1500 Points, Just needs painted :(

I just picked up some orks for GorkaMorka, and i find that the best approach is to Assembly Line them. Base coat them all, then do all the skin work, then their pants, then maybe their shirts, anything that requires the same colour, so that by the time you reach the end of the line, the first model is dried.
Maybe break it down into squads though, so you don't get bored out of your mind doing a million green necks and arms :P
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Default Re: 1500 Points, Just needs painted :(

See I been a SM player for about a year and only ever played as orks once.I also have never battled orks but I think there cool. My local club is full of kids and my only other club for people around my age is about 20miles away. Its not to far and I plan on going soon every month. I just dont want to go not knowing all the rule and how to play and looking a full . I have only every really played Annihilation games and not really any other But after I have finished my ork I will have read the codex and rule box about 10 times to I might be ready to face some real players lol
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Default Re: 1500 Points, Just needs painted :(

There are a few ways to paint such a large amount of units. The first is the just the the one color on everything, then move the to the next color, the second is the finish one at at time, the third is start painting your best units down to your worst and the fourth (my favorite for my ork army) is to paint only the guys who live at the end of a battle. Just relax and take it slow.
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