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Nob bikers
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Nob bikers

I dont play orks and have never played against them

I have heard that nob bikers are hard, but why?
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Default Re: Nob bikers

1) They're Fast; 12" (Movement Phase) + 6" (Assault Phase) or 18"-24" Turbo-Boost Move that will confer a 3+ Cover Save. They're tough and able to get into a fight fast. Too fast for you to take them out before they reach you and fight you on their terms.
2) They're tough; each Nob has 2 Wounds so they can soak up a lot of the damage before they die and their Warbikes increase their Toughness from 4 to (4)5 thus making them harder to wound by mid-strength attacks. They also come with a constant 4+ Cover Save from their Warbike's Special Rule as well as a 4+ Armor Save. They're also can get FNP and 5+ Invulnerable Save if they purchase a Painboy Biker. Adding all that, they're almost nigh invincible to rapid-firing weapons. Most effective way is to use high strength weapons preferably in template form.
3) They're armed to the teef; They're able to be equipped with Power Klaws and Big Choppas which just boost their already formidable CC-prowess. Their Warbiker's Dakkagunz is something not to laugh at even if they're just BS2.
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