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Flash Gitz and Badrukk
Old 31 Jul 2009, 20:59   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Flash Gitz and Badrukk

Does anyone use the combo of Badrukk and Flash Gitz? Or even Flash Gitz by themselves? I was thinking on this and the only really great use I could think of for them would be to pop them in a trukk with a big mek w/ KFF and run around shooting stuff. Pretty pricey but if it worked right it would be very interesting.
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Default Re: Flash Gitz and Badrukk

They're too expensive for too few shots at too short of a range with BStoo BS2. If you want to pop TEQs with Orks, just riddle the target with shoota rounds, or better yet, assault it with a big mob.
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Default Re: Flash Gitz and Badrukk

At the cheapest, Flash Gitz aren't effective enough. And even if you put on the upgrades to make them effective, they become too expensive to be worth it. Flash Gitz are just too overpriced.
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Default Re: Flash Gitz and Badrukk

I've never used them, but will probably make a unit of five just for the chance to model them. I can't see them being worth their price, but there are a couple people on the Waaagh that swear by them. I think their biggest assest is the rangefinder. Having them shoot first, can give you all the distances to every enemy unit you might want to shoot/charge that turn. Of course your opponent can see the tape measure too.
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Default Re: Flash Gitz and Badrukk

Lootas are 10x better for the price.
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