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Painboy in Nobz debate
Old 12 Jul 2009, 01:05   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Painboy in Nobz debate

I created this topic to try and settle the debate over Painboyz in Nob Mobs
Here is my view: In the codex it states that 1 Nob may be a Painboy therefore, you would have to have a Nob before a Painboy, much like Nobs in Boyz mobs.
"One boy may be upgraded to a Nob"
"One Nob may be a Painboy"
Same thing.
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Default Re: Painboy in Nobz debate

I'm afraid I don't exactly understand what the debate is over.

The price of a Painboy is pretty clearly the price of a Nob + the price of the Painboy upgrade. That's why it's written as +XX points.

If it said, "The unit may be accompanied by a Painboy for XX points." the result would be completely different.

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Default Re: Painboy in Nobz debate

I'm with Emlyn on this: Cost Price of Painboy = Nob + Upgrade to Painboy
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Default Re: Painboy in Nobz debate

Perhaps he's wondering if it's Nob+wargear+painboy? I'm still a little foggy on this one as well.
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Old 12 Jul 2009, 10:18   #5 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Painboy in Nobz debate

Lol there was a discussion on this in my army list thread :P If you see the sample army in the Codex, you can do the math of the Nobz squad and you can see that he pays for 5 Nobz + 1 Painboy, a six-man squad, not 6 Nobz + ?pts for the Painboy.
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Old 12 Jul 2009, 11:50   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Painboy in Nobz debate

I was originally one of the proponents for the Painboy only being the 30pts, not paying for the Nob, but after some discussion in the thread and re-evaluation, I believe you do buy the Nob then pay 30pts for the upgrade. As Emlyn stated, it's listed as +X points, that seems to be the key. Look at Snikrot or Zagstruk, both are clearly listed as X points, not +X points. We know neither of those are upgrades by the wording and not being +X points.

As for the codex and the sample list, eh, it's not the first mistake on the codex. I've seen a lot of examples of GW employees (talking staff who are in White Dwarf, not stores), using codices all wrong. We're talking things that are plainly written, not debatable items.
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Default Re: Painboy in Nobz debate

The other thing to bear in mind is that things in the Codex aren't always correct, particularly in the colour section. If that were the case, then Daemonhunters could use Basilisks as part of Inducted Imperial Guard for example.
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