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Need help designing an 'Ard army.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Need help designing an 'Ard army.

I want to try something new to mix up my army. It's not very fun for me to move 100+ models of Orks every single turn. I want to reduce the model count of my army, but not sacrifice usefulness. I still want to have a viable army, but just a little more fun. So this is what I've come up with for 1500 points:

Mega Armor Warboss w/ Bosspole
Big Mek w/ KFF

2x 3 Killa Kanz w/ Grotzookas

13 Grots

3x Battlewagons w/ Armor Plates, Red Paint, Ram, and Kannon (1 is HS, 2 are dedicated transports)

20 'Ard Boyz w/ PK/BP Nob

2x 6 Mega Armor Nobs

So my strategy would be to group everything together as a giant wall of armor. The Big Mek's BW would be the center, then the others will be on either side, with a squad of Kanz on the other sides. The Grots will hold an objective, or just get in the way if it's an annihilation game. Here are some questions I have:

Are 6 MANZ (with the one including the Warboss) enough? Should the Warboss's group have more than the other one? Since he has a BP, they could last longer. But then are 3 MANZ worth it, or do they get slaughtered easily?

For 'Ard Boyz, I'd be tempted to give them sluggas since they're better in melee. However there are somethings I might not want to fight, so the extra dakka is useful. Plus the BW gives me protection to do a driveby shooting.

Grots. Worth it, or drop the points to add something else?

Any other advice you can give me?
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Default Re: Need help designing an 'Ard army.

I'd keep the Grots, cheap home objective holders, can't go wrong. Toss them in reserve and when they arrive go take your home objective.

As much as I love a Big Mek with a KFF, I'd drop him for a 2nd Warboss so that both Meganobz are scoring units. You're running 3 Battlewagons, KFF is just a safety net, not a requirement in this case.

I'm on the fence for 'ard Boyz weapons. On one hand I agree with your rationale but on the other hand having sluggas & choppas gives you a unit that has an initiative of 3 on the charge, 4 with the Nob (if not using a PK), where everything else is I1 with PKs (except Grots of course). Against armies like Tau and IG that initiative is useful. If you went this route then I'd give the 'ard Boy Nob a big choppa so he can swing at I4, letting you swing with Marines and hopefully down a few before the Boyz swing. You've got plenty of PKs in the list as it is. However, if you do keep them with shootas then get yourself 2 big shootas for some anti-infantry, and I'd still give that Nob a big choppa.

On the Kans, I'd give one squadron rokkits. You have no ranged anti-armor, well until the BWs drop off the Boyz anyway. With the BS of a Kan it's a great place for rokkits.

I think it's a feasible list but there are some armies you'll have a tough time with. If you lose a BW or two then those Meganobz on foot are going to have a rough time getting where they need to. Do what you can to make your Kans a threat, keep them up front so that whoever you play has to prioritize between the Kans and the BWs. If you play it right this could be a very destructive list.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Need help designing an 'Ard army.

As for ranged anti-armor, I've kind of given up on that idea. Even if they're twin linked, they never seem to hit. And if they do, I always roll 1's for penetration. Although Rokkits on a squad of Kanz might up their threat level, taking fire away from my Battlewagons.

And that second Warboss I've been thinking about too. Would definitely help to get me more troops... but I'm still afraid of what could happen if I don't have that KFF. I play against a lot of SM, IG, and Tau shooty armies. So that extra insurance can help out a lot.
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Default Re: Need help designing an 'Ard army.

It's a rough choice to not include a KFF, the thing is universally useful, but sometimes it pays off more having that additional scoring unit than it does having the protection. Plus, having both Meganobz units with a Warboss makes them even deadlier. I just try to not pigeonhole myself to specific units and wargear because once you start doing that you really begin limiting your army and those you play against come to expect it. That may not be the case here, just saying.
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Default Re: Need help designing an 'Ard army.

Ranged anti-vehicle is the Ork army's main weakness. Against armies that field lots of ranged vehicles such as Tau or Guard, you'll have your work cut out for you.

That said, it isn't an entirely lost cause. After all, most the really heavily armored units are expensive enough to limit the damage they can do to you; the Leman Russ can still be punched out dead but Land Raiders will give you hell. That said and done, to make your list harder, I would recommend the following:

1) Try to find a way to cram 2 units of Lootas into the list. Why 2 and not one? Law of averages; while a single loota team has an equal chance of rolling a 1, 2, or 3, the odds of 2 d3 rolling 4 are higher than them rolling a 2, 3, 5, or 6. What Lootas provide is weight of high-strength fire to eliminate landspeeder-equivalent vehicles, the kind which can normally hold up a melee mob for several turns.
2) I used to use battlewagons before. They're not as tough as they appear sadly. Between open-topped, their incredibly huge sides, and the fact that they draw fire like light draws moths, makes them sadly expensive for what they do. Combine this with their inability to take any defensive weapons besides the kannon (lousy 5th edition, making my Big Shootas not defensive) and the fact that Trukks are faster and cheaper, and I would shave points off.
3) Once you kill the battlewagons, the meganobz are footslogging...slogging...dead. Again, why I like trukks is because you can take them in troop slots. Redundant vehicles mean you can use some to perform pick-up for wayward meganobz.
4) If you want more ranged anti-armor you can dump some Kanz and instead grab several Kannon teams. Due to Phil Kelly believing that auto-shaking vehicles on a glance is worth the loss of auto-hit, and extra AP dice, the Zzap is no longer the predominant form of ranged anti-tank you have. So you'll be downgrading this edition down to the humble Kannon. Don't be fooled by it; it may be crewed by Grots, but these Grots do actually know how to hit the broad side of a barn. Sadly their kannons also received a downgrade as they no longer count as Ordnance for purposes of rerolling penetration dice. So you'll need to spam the kannons en-masse, and even then they'll be best used for taking on mid-armor units. Good luck...
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Need help designing an 'Ard army.

Army list sounds awesome. Personally if I was you I would get either an Attack Squig or Cybork armor for the Warboss. Just because 2+ armor save and 5+ armor is unstoppable for a 3 wounds monster
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Default Re: Need help designing an 'Ard army.

If you are going to make a wall of armour, keep 1 Ork near the Mek with KFF, if you have a twenty Ork Ard boy mob at the front line with a couple of em trickling back to the Mek, you still benefit from the save.
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Default Re: Need help designing an 'Ard army.

Have you thought of taking mad dok Grotsnik to give your mega nobz 5+ Inv saves?
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