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____ Counts As Old Zogwort
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Default ____ Counts As Old Zogwort

I've decided I'm gonna start using Old Zogwort in my usual lists, and I also had the idea of counting somethign as him instrad of using the actual model. So I'm looking for some suggestions for things I could use to represent him, the more original/humorous the better.

One idea I already thought of would be to count him as a Primaris Psyker, the fluff being that my warboss captured him and now drags him around on a chain.
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Default Re: ____ Counts As Old Zogwort

Use a giant squig from fantasy, and ork it up a little more with greenstuff, then say Zogwort turned himself into a squig accidentally.

I used a nob and converted him into my warphead, then gave him a pet cobra so he can be Zogwort as well.
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