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Meganobz wargear options?
View Poll Results: Which set-up should I go for?
3 t-l shootas & 3 kombi-skorchas 4 66.67%
4 t-l shootas & 2 kombi-skorchas 2 33.33%
Voters: 6. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Meganobz wargear options?

I have five out of six meganobz for the squad I will use and at the moment I am wondering what weapons I should outfit them with.

I have been told over on The Waaagh! that kombi-rokkits are a bad choice and I should go for t-l shootas and kombi-skorchas

Out of the five meganobz I recieved today from eBay, two came with t-l shootas, one came with a kombi-skorcha, and two came with kombi-rokkits

I can easily convert the kombi-rokkits but I have two questions

1) Which weapons should I convert the kombi-rokkits into
2) When I get round to it, which option should I buy for the final meganob

Out of the six meganobz, I want a good mixture of the t-l shootas and kombi-skorchas but I don't know how many of each it should be

Kombi-rokkits are not an option
Only 1 type of weapon is not an option, it has to be a mixture of both t-l shootas and kombi-skorchas

I am thinking either three t-l shootas and three kombi-skorchas
two kombi-skorchas and four t-l shootas

EDIT- Thought I might make it into a poll so it is easier to see who thinks what
Poll will stay open for 1 week, I don't really want any suggestions after it has finished
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Default Re: Meganobz wargear options?

I saw that post on the Waaagh, and I voted for more skorchas. The shoota is an ok weapon but the skorcha is amazing. Just remember that sometimes you won't want to fire them all at a unit you are about to charge for fear that you'll kill too many and not make the assault.

I see the meganob as an assaulty unit and not a shooty, so if I weren't going to use the WAC system then I'd give them all skorchas. When I finally get a unit of them, I am going to kit them out all differently though, so they last longer in close combat. The combi rokkit is stupid, but it will keep the squad alive longer, and that's what I really want.
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