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Named ork warbosses.
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Default Named ork warbosses.

Which ork warboss would be most useful for a close combat army.
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Default Re: Named ork warbosses.

You mean which named character? Ghazghkull ofcourse!

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Default Re: Named ork warbosses.

I'm going to assume you mean special HQ characters. Here's a quick run-down.

Ghazghkull: Interestingly, his Prophet of the Waaagh! ability benefits footsloggers most, but wearing mega-armor, Ghazzie himself benefits most from having a transport, which will quickly become a fire magnet if you don't have many. I'd only use him starting at 2000 points when you can afford to splurge on your HQ instead of troops. He is, however, awesome once you at about to hit your opponent's lines and really hard to kill.

Grotsnik: Fun for oddball lists where everybody gets cybork bodies, bearable otherwise. He's pretty nasty once he gets to grips, holding a poisoned weapon and a power klaw, and can act as a Painboy for the unit he joins. However, due to One Scapel Short of a Medpack he can be forced to run around chasing a Land Speeder for he whole game. Usable but risky.

Wazdakka: Great for bike heavy armies and still good as long as you've got fast stuff. The dakkakannon is nasty as all get, and the ability to fire after a boost means he can get a 3+ save while slaughtering anything he can reach, and once he gets in assault range his klaw can tear up enemies. If you don't mind a little risk, his KMB can nail TEQs one at a time, but it's less effective than using his kannon on better targets. Without other fast units he quickly becomes a fire magnet.

Zogwort: Fun for his powers, excellent in CC with extra toughness and three wounds, poisoned weapons all around and the option to squigify enemy ICs. Unfortunately, in his other stats he's just a durable Boy. Not bad but not great.

All in all Ork special characters are nice but not great until you get to high point levels. Also,

Originally Posted by Thor{DoH}
You really need to start consolidating your one line topics into a single thread and not creating a new thread for each question you have, it's just spamming. Make a topic, call it "Questions", or something along those lines, and post all these single line questions in it.
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Default Re: Named ork warbosses.

You want a CC army? Take Ghazzkul, no questions. he gives you a 2 turn WAAAGH where every mob can run 6 inches

only time I was that mobile was the one game I rolled 6 WAAAGHs in a row with my weirdboy

anyway, put him inside a mob of nobs who have a painboy, armor, cybork and big choppas and you have a squad that will survive the worst and krump everything in their path.

If you don't have the points, take Zogwort as a named, weirdboyz are great support and can blow up tanks or entire squads if you're lucky, and he can turn your enemies characters into squigs!!

My buddy was shocked when I replaced his Termie Chaos Lord with a slobbering squig, great fun =)
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Default Re: Named ork warbosses.

Originally Posted by Boss Hank
You want a CC army? Take Ghazzkul, no questions. he gives you a 2 turn WAAAGH where every mob can run 6 inches
Ghazkull's Waaagh DOES NOT last 2 turns. It lasts two PLAYER TURNS, i.e. yours and the opponents. This means he has his invulnerable save for a whole turn, not that you can WAAAGH two turns in a row.

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