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What do you get when you cross a number of box sets? Nob Bikers! *Pic Heavy*
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Default What do you get when you cross a number of box sets? Nob Bikers! *Pic Heavy*

Hi all, I bought myself an old ork battle force set, a box of Nobz, and the assault on black reach set. Below is what happened.

Can you feel the pain of that leg coming off? I could be a painboy

All the limbs cut and repositioned to let him sit on the bike.

Most of the models are still needing a full base coat and paint. One bike I fully painted less the rider to see how it would turn out.

Nob 1

Nob 2

Nob 3

Nob 4

Nob 5

Nob 6 I need to fix him to the bike and fix his hand to the handle bar.

So much glue, green stuff and parts later thats what I ended up with. No two bikes are the same and all Nobz have different wargear. I still have to make a painboy and wazdakka cutsmek but for them I think I will use the new style bikes to give them a completey different look.
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Default Re: What do you get when you cross a number of box sets? Nob Bikers! *Pic Heavy*

Very nice job.

Here's a fungus beer for sharing.
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