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Whats wrong with looted wagons?
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Default Whats wrong with looted wagons?

I just decided to upgrade my Gorkamorka mob to my third army choice, Orks. However, the vehicle my mob used in that specialist game was a rhino I had converted to a trakk, not a trukk. In 40k I could see that counting as a looted wagon.

However, my friend who plays Orks said it might be one of the worst units in the game. Whats wrong with it exactly? It's about the same price as the SM rhino. I can sort of see how open topped makes it pop easily, but I'd think you want an open topped vehicle so Orks can assault out of it.

He said something about using it as a battlewagon instead, but its a 3e rhino and nowhere near the size of the actual battlewagon.
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Default Re: Whats wrong with looted wagons?

You can use the rhino as either a trukk or a looted wagon. A lot of people don't like looted wagons because they don't have a lot of armor, aren't fast, have the don't press that rule, and take up a heavy slot. I actually like them a lot. I have played them as boomguns (wagon with boomgun, some take ard case too), and they work well. People tend not to shoot at mine because they are more worried about the four trukks full of boyz and my kommandos. If taking boomguns they work better in pairs too.

I have also used them to transport burnas, and they I think they are perfectly fine transports. I stick a big shoota and red paint on it, and then proceed to light units on fire. I don't mind that its a little slower cause a lot of times the burnas end up dealing with deep strikers or outflankers.

Proxy them first before you decide whether or not you like them, but don't make a rhino into a battlewagon unless you are going to use four of them.
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Default Re: Whats wrong with looted wagons?

I like the looted wagons because they are better armoured than trukks and it saves me from having to spend $100 on three trukks when my IG Chimeras will do just fine. I'll just take off the turret and model an Ork pilot to swap with it.
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Default Re: Whats wrong with looted wagons?

They don't get much love! I'll agree with that one.

I run a looted basalisk in my army and I love it. There are many pro's and con's to using the looted wagon, and some have already been stated.



Not as good as a good old truck or battlewagon. Without the high armor value or the Ramshackle table, this is not the most reiable transport in the army. Sure it costs the same as a trukk, but it doesn't do the job as well.

Open topped
Easier to die ;D

The range isn't impressive, but the gun itself is absolutly amazing.

Don't press dat!
This rule is no fun, but it is really interesting and when playing with friends it can lead to some laughs. To help minimize this from happening, I place my lootas in front of my tank to prevent it from running to the enemies lines.

Heavy support option
In a codex where you have battlewagons and killa kans, this entry comes in at #3 in effectiveness. Some people would rather win than have fun though.


Boom Gun-the gun that should be on the battlewagon
This gun makes all the meks jealous. I don't know if I have to explain this, but not having to roll a 5+ to hit with everything except a gretchin is great. I try to take advantage of this at every opportunity. Since it is a template, you scatter it, subtracting the balistic skill. the 1/3 chance to hit happens quite often, so dont worry about your templates hitting off the map. This is a great source of a high strength, large blast MEQ eater. This gun will effectivley eradicate anything you fire it at.
Just remember, leave some for da boyz ;D

Open topped
Put some lootas in here, or a squad of shoota boyz and give them some protection while they fire away. I don't think it applies for heavy weapons but you can move 6' and still fire your shootas. (Can anyone check that out for me?)

I think these tanks just scare people. The guys who I play with shoot a whole lot at these which is kinda nice because some of my other things survive. Not the best meat shield but it works.

Take a look at your codex. It can bring just about everything. Enjoy.

Like I said, I have a looted basalisk. You can be really creative with this thing. I saw someone use a tau railhead and put it on tracks. Haha. I laugh just remembering what it looked like. Very orky.


It's not a bad unit, it's just overshadowed by the better options in the codex. Enjoy!

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Default Re: Whats wrong with looted wagons?

Thanks for the input guys.

I guess it won't hurt too much to take one. It's was an important part of my Gorkamorka mob, and if I'm scaling that mob up into an army list, taking it would be true to my fluff.

I was thinking of using it as a transport, but the trukk and battlewagon are better options. I'll raid my local bit box to see if I can find some big cannon to stick on top of it and use it as a tank instead.

I don't think it applies for heavy weapons but you can move 6' and still fire your shootas. (Can anyone check that out for me?)
I'm inclined to believe that the 6" applies what guns the vehicle itself can fire. Somewhere in the rulebook it says that if the vehicle moves, the models inside count as having moved, and therefore lootas can't fire their heavy weapons.
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Default Re: Whats wrong with looted wagons?

Correct, pike. If the vehicle moves at all then all models inside it count as having moved, regardless of how far the vehicle moved.
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Default Re: Whats wrong with looted wagons?


My views on looted wagons.
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