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Question about deff dread and killa kan
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Default Question about deff dread and killa kan


I would like to scratch build some deff dread and killa kan even dough I have never scratch build anything. Could someone tell me the average height of the dread and the kan? also, what is the base size for them.

thank you
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Default Re: Question about deff dread and killa kan

Bases sizes are 40mm for the Kan and 60mm for the Dread. I do have a GW Kan and without getting it and measuring, which I can do later if nobody else does, I believe it to be around 2" in height, maybe a touch over. The Dread I'm not sure other than to say it's a little taller and wider than a Kan, maybe 1/2" taller and about as much wider. If you have the Ork codex, just take a look at the pictures in there and you can see both of them in shots with Ork Boyz to give you a scale idea.
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