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Dakkaguns on bikes
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Default Dakkaguns on bikes

In the Ork codex, bikes are equipped with "twin-linked dakkaguns mounted on their bikes." They have 18", Str 5, AP 5, and are assault three. In the reference sheet in the back, it claims dakkaguns are 18", Str. 5, AP 4, and assault 2.

My question is, what exactly are the Orky bikes equipped with? Is the dakkagun twinlined assault three? Or do the twin-linked assault 2 dakkaguns make it the assault 3 version? I'm very confused and would love a logical explanation as why GW has done this.
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Default Re: Dakkaguns on bikes

This was corrected in the GW Ork FAQ. The Dakkagun is twin-linked ap5 assault3
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