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Battlewagon Right of passage
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Battlewagon Right of passage

Has anyone else ever thought that as a Warboss, of a Warband it's basically a right of passage to customize a Battlewagon from scrap like a true hardy warband should do. You see its because lore wise a Battlewagon is a reflection of the power of the Warboss and as an ork player I have always wanted to make one.

Plan: Goff Skraga's Er'th Shakah Deff Kannon!!!!

six 7 in ,3/8 or 1/2 inch diameter correct me if I am off, I am thinking a little bigger than a basilisk cannon enough to fit a crayon odd i know but you'll see later. Glued together by the shafts in 2 sets of 3 to create 2 triangular prism shape's

So there will be 2 turrets that rotate vertically placed on the sides of the main turret where my Eavy Gunnah fire team leader will be. On the front of the turret the standard ork teef set and 2 glowing eyes. bellow the turrets are the ammo feeders and like ammo strips

The strips will be made by linking crayons cut in half using the pointy sides on the strips and connected by gluing them on lengths of ducked tape which will be made by cutting lengths and sticking them together so nether side is sticky.The idea is to make it look like the ammo is feeding up into the guns

the truck itself will be on 2 sets of Battlewagon treads or something different I don't know but it will be trailing with a train car basically the front will look like a basilisk kinda but about 7in wide 8in long and a trailer linked behind will be a flat bed with room for boyz

the turrets will be be raised at a 60 degree angle if I could make them rotating I will, maybe ill find a way to do it I don't know yet.

the drivers will be in like a crane cockpit with a face on the front shielding and maybe tusk rams

Anyone else want to make there own wagon lets here idea's
my rules for kustom jobs is "If I can think it Da Mek boy will find a way" we might even balance it for custom weapon stats but probably not it will be a kilkannon for most games

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Default Re: Battlewagon Right of passage

I love the Meks life of grabing scrap after a *ahem* scrap, to build lumbering, roaring, smog bellowing, dakka/stompa/krumpa/wazza machines.

I'm loking to make something with a base a little bigger than a chimera, then a huge tower of scrap metal with guns, ammo, boys, rokkits, grunts, and finaly a killakannon that looks something like an earth shaker (but bigger with more dakka) with a counter-balance system similar to an over complicated trebuchet, with the Big Meks hut on top.
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