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Model differences between a Boy and a Nob
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Default Model differences between a Boy and a Nob

I'm thinking about making a small Ork Bike/Trukk army, and one of the squads I wanted was a Nob biker squad. I know the GW Ork Warbiker Mob says it comes with the pieces for a Nob Biker. So I looked at the Ork Warbike Sprue page and the only thing that really stood out was this piece:

So I went looking around their articles a bit more and saw this page with the piece layout for an Ork Nob. I then compared it to this page and this page for Ork Boy layouts. The only thing that I really notice is that the chest is a bit larger on the Ork Nob. Is this true, that the only difference is a larger chest? So then if I wanted a Nob Biker Mob, all I really need is an Ork Warbiker Mob or two and a box of Ork Nobz?

To mix things up a bit, I was thinking about using Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine bikes for a few of the warbikes. Are there any problems, modelling, fluff, etc with this? I figure I'd do some kind of customization to these bikes, but I thought they'd make for a decent, varied base bike.

Finally, looking again at the Ork Warbiker Mob page, I'm guessing the Dakkagun for the model in the middle are the two air-cooled barrels on the bottom right of the image. The same for the bike on the right, but what about the bike on the left? I see a cylinder there, but not really a barrel. Are the dakkaguns merely a concept of a weapon, or is it a standard weapon? I mean, if it's a concept then perhaps all three of the things I pointed out are dakkaguns, but if they are standard weapons, then why does the bike in the middle have two barrels and the bike on the right have only one?

Thanks in advance for the help and answers.
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Default Re: Model differences between a Boy and a Nob

The torso is larger and you'll also notice on that sprue you posted that there is a big choppa and power klaw there, below the circled torso. The big choppa and power klaw are for the Nob and the arms are bigger then the normal arms. For making a full Nob Biker mob, yeah, your best bet is mixing a Nobz box with the Warbikers box. That will get you the torsos and arms you need for the Nobz.

Orks looting Marines bikes, loyal and otherwise, is perfectly Orky. You'd want to Orkify them a bit, slap some extra armor plates on there, some rivets and bolts, etc.

The cylinder you're seeing is the ammo feed for the dakkagun. The gun is on the other side of the bike. Dakkaguns are real guns. They are twin-linked weapons, so that's why you see two on that one bike and the other bike where you see one, it's because the other gun is on the other side.
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Default Re: Model differences between a Boy and a Nob

Remember the looted vehicles idea of Orks reusing captured equipment? Besides, maybe an 'un-Orkily' smart Boy decides to pick up a SM bike laying in the dust and use his toofs for some mushroom beer, instead of ripping them all out for a 'Orky' bike.
Rest Assured, the Fluff fits fine ;D
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