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Eldar Mind War details?
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Default Eldar Mind War details?

Hi All,
Quick question, as I don't know the Eldar that well.
Had a game this weekend where someone tried to snipe my Painboy using their Jetbiked Farseer's Mindwar.
That wasn't a big issue, but we were trying to figure out how it works on taking PKs out of a big mob. Not having the codex myself, and never having run Eldar, I wasn't sure of the exact verbage/FAQs and such.
Also, wanted to know if anyone has thought of a way to defend against the Mindwar. It seems to be based on LOS, and if so, it's nasty, especially with 5th Ed. LOS rules.

Thought of a few ways:
1. Vehicles
If your PK is in a vehicle, then you can't be targeted.

2. Kill the Farseer
Easier said than done, especially if he's mobile, and well, that may be what your opponent wants you to do Chasing a sniper for half the game while he takes objectives would be... bad.

3. Ignore the Farseer
This seems dangerous, as if you lose Painboys (!), KFF Big Meks, and PKs it could be a game-breaker. The only unit that seems to be a bit resistant to the Mind War are (you guessed it) Nob Bikers, as they have a 4+ cover save and 2 wounds. Still, on a good roll, as it seems to be based on a Ld roll contest (Farseer=10, Painboy=7), then you're getting 3 wounds a turn to save against. On a less than average roll, that Painboy/PK is going down...

4. Stay in combat
As Assault blocks LOS, then you can't be targeted while fighting, but well... Eldar break easy. I've yet to have a fight last more than one round if they're not on Jetbikes. And even then, they usually flee

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Default Re: Eldar Mind War details?

I don't believe it allows saves. You can target any valid model you can see. However, there is a range limit, and believe me, you can stay out of range easily. :P That's a pain, since I'm an Eldar player. Of course, I haven't used Mind War since the last edition's codex, so I could be wrong.
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Default Re: Eldar Mind War details?

Note however that Mind War does allow cover saves according to the 5e FAQ ruling, so placing a Grotscreen in front of the unit in question is the Orky equivalent of a tinfoil hat...come to think of it, that would make a great conversion.
Anyway, my wife plays Slaanesh so I HAVE to play Khorne-bebe
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Default Re: Eldar Mind War details?

Can the ork model being targeting substitute its mob number for its leadership when making its Mind War check? (It can for most tests...) Not much a difference in small Nob squads, but heck of a difference if they're taking out that PK in a 30 mob squad of boyz.

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