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Fluff, Ork colors
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Default Fluff, Ork colors

I know the significance of red and blue with Orks, but I have a Gorkamorka book that has some pictures of Orks that favor yellow.

Whats wif dat den?

And for that matter, am I correct in assuming that black means, "killy" and green means, "orky?"
What the gakking feth ...
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Default Re: Fluff, Ork colors

Orks like a lot of colours; which individual Ork prefers which color usually boils down to Klan.

Blue is a color associated with luck, and is usually used by Deffskulls (in the form of warpaint).

Red makes things go fast. Usually used by Evil Sunz and KoS.

Yellow is the color of the Bad Moons or Bad-Moon related Freebotaz. It is a signal for wealth (its approximately the color of gold).

Black is an Ork all-round color, and used as a complementary color for most Klans (Bad Moons, Deffskulls, etc). Godds really like black, since its such a no-nonsense color.

White is usually only used for checkerboard symbols, but if it is a dirty white (alright, we're talking about Orks, so, basically, every color can be qualified as "dirty". But you know what I mean), it is sometimes used for painting teef (or rather, symbolised teef, like those found on the Battlewagons and Trukks). Probably again a symbol for wealth (since Ork currency = teeth), or a sign of authority (big teeth = big, old Ork).

Then there are various browns and earth tones; they are mostly used by Snakebites, who prefer simple clothing and colors.

Last, but no least we have cameo, probably exclusively used by the Blood Axes and Kommandos. Not a color per-se, it is more used as a statement and not for its functionality (since Orks tend to mix different cameo styles on their uniform, whatever floats their boats) - with some rare Kommando-exceptions to this.

As far as I know, no Klan utilises Green as a color - it would be pointless to paint vehicles green since it would detract from their nice, green skin color.

As you can see, not only Green and Red are "Ork" colors!


EDIT: The reason most people narrow Ork color scheme down to red is simple: Red Paint is quite a good vehicle upgrade, and can only be used if the vehicle is REALLY red. Therefore, a lot of Ork players tend to create an Evil Sunz or KoS-type army with lots of Red.
I, as a Bad Moon player, have no place in my army for Red Paint - therefore, my vehicles are a nice and shiny yellow.
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