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The new Orks' Dakka!
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Default The new Orks' Dakka!

Just finished another game with my Orks. Versus Orks.
And it seems that even Green(red)skins can field effective shooting armies now, with the new Codex.

My list wasn't really too shooty, but it was by the blaze of barrels that I won the game.

The list I fielded:

-Warboss, Power Klaw, Attack Squig, Eavy Armour
-19x Ard Boyz, Nob, Uge Choppa
-10xGrots, Herder
-21xSlugga Boyz, 2xBig Shootas, Nob, Uge Choppa
-21xSlugga Boyz, 2xBig Shootas, Nob, Uge Choppa
-3xKilla Kans, 3xGrotzookas
-12xWarbikes, Nob, Power Klaw
-Battlewagon, Grot Riggers, Deffrolla, Armour Plates, 2xBig Shootas

My opponent used a very shooting oriented list with 30 Lootas, SAG, KFF, Deffkoptas and two squads of Shoota Boyz.

I lost about 1/3 of my force and held 3 objectives. My bikes took the brunt of my beating as they were all shot to pieces...
My Kans was Best In Show with taking out over twice their points with their guns.
Considering a greater focus on Shoota Boyz now...The new Shootas are fantastic. And the Heavy Support choices are very nice indeed. Planning Looted wagons with Scorchas, for the fun of it

Both our lists can be far more shooting-oriented, but even with the firepower present, it was quite an interesting game.
I used a similar list against Imperial Guard and Black Templars as well, and outshot them both. Or taking the charge, wiping them out with counterassaulting Sluggas.

We have become a bit more complicated to play, compared to before, but pack a wide variety of force.
To many other players annoyance, we can actually outshoot several other armies. And be fierce in melee at the same time.
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Default Re: The new Orks' Dakka!

I agree that ork shooting can be very potitent. I designed a 1000pt list that put emphisis on having anbundace of range 36" weapons. It was a take all comers for gaming night at my local store and I ended up agaist a Tau static army. I outranged him by6" which just through him completely off.
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Default Re: The new Orks' Dakka!

After my first few games with the new codex, I took over half of my old slugga boyz, snapped their arms off, and glued some shootas onto them. A horde of greenskins laying out 18'' assault 2 weapons, is a scary thing. I've shifted my orky focus to large mobs of these shootas, and small groups of slugga boyz in trukks.
- Magistellis.
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