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Okay guys here are some more ork force taking tactics ")
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Default Okay guys here are some more ork force taking tactics ")


Orginial Source:


This is not good. Sadly, I have no choice but to issue a smite. Hopefully the leason will be learned in regards to crediting material that is written by others. - IVEATCH

That's about it. The only other piece of advice is what I refer to as the Golden Rule of Games Workshop: Unit "A" is good against Enemy "B" and not so good against Enemy "C"; therefore always try to use Unit "A" against Enemy "B" and keep away from Enemy "C". Questions? Comments? Email me to your hearts content
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Default Re: Okay guys here are some more ork force taking tactics ")

Do you have the 4th edition codex? Since there are some diffrences with my codex which doesn't match.

I include a Mek with Mekboy Toolz and a couple of Oilers to keep Gun Batteries from being destroyed too quickly.
You can't have a mek in there and the guns them selves are destroyed on a glancing/penetrating hit.

While I don't have a Battlewagon yet, I would envision mine bristling with Big Shootas/Lobbas/Zzap Guns and transporting a large units of 'Ard Boyz into the enemy. Given the Battlewagon's options, that's perfectly viable, but very expensive and would draw quite a lot of firepower. Also note that every Battlewagon I've seen has been huge.
You can only have 1 big gun and the GW battlewagon isn't that much bigger
then a trukk.

While any army can have a good selection of troops, Orks have a good selection (six) and can field them in very large mobz. Compound that with the Mob Up Rule and you've got troops that will take forever to destroy. Each unit is broken down below:
You only have 2 troop units boyz (can be equipped to be stikkbomma's, ard boyz and trukk boyz) and gretchen.

Stikkbommas are slugga boyz with frag and krak grenades. This mob is ideal for assaulting fortified positions, enemy under cover and vehicles. But that's it.
Only frag.

Until GW releases the official Big Mek and Painboss miniatures, the only HQ available is the Warboss. The Warboss (that's Mr. Warboss to you) is an impressive HtH fighter, but is restricted with a toughness of 4 (a model that imposing should have a higher value). If you decide to give him a retinue, you have the option of making a Big Shooty Unit (mostly armed with Big Shootas) or a Big Choppa Unit (armed with mostly Choppas). A Big Choppa Unit should be mounted on a Wartrukk and sent in with the Trukka Boyz and Stormboyz to form a huge Green Quisanart of Doom that should be sent head long into the enemy. The only consideration for a trukk mounted Warboss is having non-combat models in with the mob. A Mek might be worth it for the Force Field (5+ Invulnerable Save and Glancing Hits) but a Painboy is not. The Painboy and Grot Attendants take up valuable slots within the trukk that could be filled with battle-hungry Nobs. The Big Shooty Mob is not really recommended (Warbosses should be in the middle of the action crumping heads and showing the enemy who's in charge) but is perfectly acceptable to be in the middle of the army with a Waaargh! Banner.
There are big mek and painboy models (painboss is a special character) a new HQ is the wierd boy.

I can keep going like this for a while.

edit:why do I keep making posts like this? any way I apreciate the efford (should have stated from te start) but as said I think your an edition behind.
But Isn't it funny to think that guard might be able to copy eldar tactics slightly?
You mean "Perform Eldar tactics better than Eldar", right? :P
Not unless the Eldar have an obscure Warrior Aspect that revolves around the complete mastery of the common light bulb.
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Default Re: Okay guys here are some more ork force taking tactics ")

Nice work and effort Lord Pain but it seems like you are full edtion behind on Orks. The content you are using is from our last codex not our current one.
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