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Ork truckks!!!
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Default Ork truckks!!!

Well ok here's the thing i've custom made 2 new ork trukks and well now I need some more idea's. If you guys have any (fun) and cool converstion idea's I would would greatly enjoy some new trukks in my list so fill free to post some idea's and thinks for the responses ;D
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Default Re: Ork truckks!!!

Ah yes, the beauty of Ork conversions on vehicles is that you can now use every spare bit ya own on it.

Great big (and numerous) exhaust stacks are always popular.

Lots of extra wheels are also attractive (by Ork standards).

Gunz (Big Shootas) are also a cool add on.

Throw on a Grot or two and you've got it!

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Default Re: Ork truckks!!!

The one main conversion I like is not visual but practical. Do whatever it takes to actually be able to place 12 boyz in the trukk. That's the biggest reason I hate the old trukk; it was so damn small. My trukks are huge, which hurts me gamewise but makes more sense to me. I don't care if they get shot, cause I've got four more coming, and its lame when you can hide a trukk with a buggie.
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