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Ork Big Gun Batteries?
Old 21 Jan 2009, 02:06   #1 (permalink)
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Default Ork Big Gun Batteries?

Well, I'm finally breaking out the lost boyz. So I've been cleaning house, revamping my list and reviewing my strategic ideas. Now, before I get too far off topic (and I'm the OP! :P), I'll just say that my warband (for all you Ork noobs or those who have made a decision to forget me) is themed around a blend between the Snake Bites and Blood Axes. They are a fairly Feral clan who specialize in more Morky aspects of cunning brutality rather than they typical brutal cunning of Gorky Goffs.

Which brings me to my question: I'm thinking about compensating for my general lack of armor and heavy hitters with a battery or two of Big Guns (preforably Kannons or Mortars). So has anyone had experience using these units? If so, can you give me some pointers? Should I take extra Grotz or a Runtherd?

Thanks in advance,
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Old 21 Jan 2009, 02:49   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Ork Big Gun Batteries?

Lobbas are simply wonderful. At strength 5 AP5, they are great at whittling away at hidden Genestealers, Guardian and Imperial Guard. Their indirect fire ability helps tremendously with small annoying things like Ripper swarms, scarab swarms and Grots. You can even put the eye out on a Lictor that pops up from an unexpected quarter. Lobbas are very Blood Axe.

Kannons are also cool (if shorter ranged). You can shot either Frag or Shell which gives you a choice between good anti-personell or good anti-tank. Don't forget, these direct fire cannon will have a Ballistic Skill of 3 (because their krewed by Grotz).

Kannon are a good choice for the more direct (and less sneaky) Snake Bites.

Zzap Gunz are also great, but a bit less predictable in the hitting strength. It can get quite high, however. Players that run large numbers of vehicles are rightly alarmed when they see a full battery of them and single them out for "the Emperor's Mercy", "Greater Good", etc.

Some Killa Kanz backed by a Battery of Big Gunz usually kicks @######.

Brunettes and Beer
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Old 21 Jan 2009, 03:32   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Ork Big Gun Batteries?

The lobba is by far my favorite big gun. Being able to hide it totally from site and rain down death for the whole game is priceless. My grot crews love to blow up genestealers too, but I've also killed necron warriors, space marine scouts/tac squads, destroyers, warwalkers, anything DE, gaunts, guard, land speeders, and anything else lightly armored the blast template lands on.

My last game, I took two units of one gun, and they probably killed 100 points together, and were just a plain pain in the butt for my opponent. They were hidden in a trench behind some trees, and were unable to be targetted the whole game. I really love lobbas.

Once you start doing higher point games they will probably get replaced with battlewagon and boomwagons, but for smaller games they are great. I try to always have some in 1500 points and under.

I haven't used kannons in 5th edition since my deffkoptas carry my strength 8 weapons and are more accurate. I also think we have better anti tank options than the kannon, like a power claw, and the lobba is better at anti infantry.

I've never used zzap guns, and I probably never will. I use boyz to deal with tanks/TEQs, and I don't like how it has the possibility to be useless against your target. If you rolled the strength first then picked your target, they would be a lot better.

As far as upgrades/wargear, I would only suggest taking ammo runts; maybe one or two per gun. I think the extra crew and runtherd are a waste. When someone decides it is time for your big gunz to die extra crew aren't going to help. With a 50% chance of hitting the gun, just about any unit can destroy the gun, and if they are assaulted forget about them living. That's why I like lobbas, because they are so hard to target. Hope that helps.

If you make snakebite lobbas you can always do catapults too.
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Default Re: Ork Big Gun Batteries?

I'm also a huge fan of Lobbas. Great range, good strength and it's indirect fire. Kannons are good for all around use though. Extra krew isn't a bad idea on something that needs line of sight, like Kannons or Zzap Guns, since they'll also be seen but they aren't essential and you'll probably find more use in the ammo runts than the krew. In a full battery of either of those I'll field a Slaver just to be safe but I can't say that having him there has actually mattered any.
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Old 21 Jan 2009, 20:53   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Ork Big Gun Batteries?

Thanks all. I'm probably going to grab a battery of Kannons and Lobbas each with my tax return (or part of it). Maybe I'll take extra crew for the Kannons and a Slaver. But I think I'll certainly be taking three ammo runts each. I think that's about 200 points of models. For the amount of S5 & S8 shots they can dump out, I don't think I'll have any complaints.
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Default Re: Ork Big Gun Batteries?

Just buy yourself three lobbas and some plasticard tubing. Cut tubbing to desired Kannon Length and bam those Lobbas are now Kannons. Buy some of the new grot and bam you got yourself your extra krew and use the grots that come with the kannons as the ammo runts.
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Old 27 Jan 2009, 16:14   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Ork Big Gun Batteries?

Does anyone have a good number of the Kannons or Zzap Gun parts that come with the new Battlewagon kit? I'm trying to get about 6 of them (6 of one or 3 of each I dont mind) for cheaper Big Gun Batteries but its so hard to find them. Me want!

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