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Deffkopta to Warbike- Explanations
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Default Deffkopta to Warbike- Explanations

Ok so for anyone interrested in turning Deffkopta's to Warbikes it's fairly simple, start with:

And end up with:

For more individual pics see this thread in the conversions board. Here I'll be giving some more explenation though sadly I didn't take any WIP pics.



The first trak-bike I did was this:

It's simple enough, take any sharp knife and cut away the overhead arm for the rotor blades. Go at it from both sides and cut straight across from the back of the seat and then down from the top in a sideways L shape on each side. Then just rip it off and shave down the cut smooth...ish, it's orky so no need to be picky.

Then cut the flaps off the back by the turning rotor, a simple cut along the top and then just break it off and shave off any plastic that remains.

Next cut two of the rotor blades off and glue them to the top of the landing gear. Now you take a long 8 link piece of IG track section and cut it in half, a cut on each side where the tracks join, then cut around the conjoining part and rip the two pieces apart and once more... shave off the excess plastic. Now for this bike cut all the little track guides off the bottom of the tracks, a flat join is what your going for. Now glue one half of the cut track section to the bottom of the landing gear and take a two link track piece and glue that to the front, then take a single track link and glue that between the two link piece of track and the bike. Now take the other half of the 8 link track piece and cut 1 of the links off. Glue the 3 links up towards the back and take the 1 link you cut off and glue that to the end turned up to join with the flat plastic of the turning rotor, to make a smooth join cut the little tab off so it lays flat.

Take the flaps you cut off the back rotor and cut those along the line already in the plastic. Take the two thicker sections and glue those pointing down on the back of the bike to cover the join where the tracks enter the back of the bike and take the other two and use those to cover the gap where you removed the rotor arm.

Finally take a knife and cut the tips off of all the rockets and drill holes in the front of them to make the shootas. You don't even need a drill for this, just put the tip of an exacto knife against the flat plastic roughly in the center, push in lightly and start twisting the kife, it should make a noticeable but shallow hole without much difficulty.



Now the second bike I converted is the Orkmobile. A little more cutting intensive but not too much so. Basically you follow all the first steps of the previous bike cutting off the rotor arm and the flaps. Go one step further and cut off the rear rotor. Cut along the exhaust and then down. Again cut along both sides and break the rotor off, shaving off the excess plastic, there usually is some along the bottom of the exhaust ports.

Now take it one step further and cut the lower wires and landing gear off. Cut them right above the top edge of the landing gear, no need to be pretty just chop it all off. Where the wires joined the bike shave those down flat so they aren't an obstruction.

Next take an 8 link track piece and cut 2 links off. The 6 link piece goes along the bottom of the bike and the track guides on the bottom fit pretty snuggly around the details of the deffkopta. Glue it in place and then take the 2 links you cut off, cut off the link tab and glue that to the front of the bike beneath the rockets so that the front of the track section is complete. Next take two single track links and glue them to the back, one directly horizontal, the other angled to enter the back of the bike. The fit goes easier if you shave down the back of the top link a little.

Now once more cut the front of the rockets off and drill holes in them.

Now the tricky part, cut two of the rotor blades off and take the landing gear. Cut the end of each rotor at an angle so it will sit at an angle when glued onto the landing gear. Cut the end that would be on the outside if they were still on the rotor.

When those are dry, glue them to the sides of the rockets with the ends that formerly attatched to to the rotors flush with the rocket casing aka the front of the deffkopta. This can be a little tricky but if it doesn't come out perfect, well it's orky, so no worries. The important thing is to keep the landing gear skids and the track links flush and flat so that the bike sits properly.

Now take the center of the rotor, cut off any remaining rotor blades and glue that to the gap where you cut the rotor arm off.


Da Nob

Now the others all used the parts shown in the first picture (ok and a Cadian head :P). The nob though uses some extra parts, lots more heads of course, a Dreadnaught Close Combat Weapon arm and the front wheel of a Space Marine Bike. This guy also requires a LOT more finicky cutting. But I'll try to explain it.

So to begin do all the same cutting as the Orkmobile, cut off the landing gear, the back rotor, the fins, the rotor arm and cut off the front of the rockets but only drill a hole in the top two. Then add the tracks exactly like you did on the orkmobile.

Here's where it gets different. Cut the left arm of the biker off at the shoulder, and cut the wrist just at the hand, then cut the wrist again just past the glove so you've just got an orky arm. Now cut the handlebar off where it joins the center of the handlebar assembly.

This is the most finicky part, to get the handlebar to look right you either need to replace it with another handlebar, or cut the hand away, which is what I did. Basically shave the hand down, cut straight down along the brake lever and just shave the hand down till you get the plastic flush with the rest of the handlebar, smooth it out and glue/GS it back to the rest of the handlebar assembly. For stability I glued a cut section of wiring to the bottom of the handlebar across the join so it won't break off easily.

Now take the DCCW, cut it just past the big crushing hand but leave the wire intact, cut that off where it joins the upper arm. Glue the Ork arm into the center of the DCCW and bend the wire till you can GS/glue it to the ork arm/elbow. I added a big tooth on a cord to the DCCW to orkify it some more.

Now take the landing gear and cut a small bit off the back of each one opposite where they curve up. Turn them upside down and switch sides and glue them ontop of the bottom rockets and then glue the SM Bike wheel to the underside of the landing gear, once more angling the wheel so that the tracks and the wheel are flush.

Finally take the rotor arm, cut off the bit that attatches the rotor to the arm and GS/glue the rotor back into place turned backwards and then glue/GS a bunch of heads/trophies in place.

I also took some spiky bits and fronts of rockets and glued those to the front of the bike to make it look more... orky.


So that's how I did it, I hope my descriptions helped and I'm sorry I don't have pics to go with. Again for more pics of the finished bikes see this thread.

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Default Re: Deffkopta to Warbike- Explanations

Maybe now we'll see more of these
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Default Re: Deffkopta to Warbike- Explanations

Originally Posted by Wingates_Hellsing
Maybe now we'll see more of these
Shouldn't you be doing your own conversions instead of letting your big brother do it for you :P

Anyway, nice coversion, Vash. I'll see if my store has any spare Deffkoptas. Failing that, I'll get the Nobz and a Trukk instead.
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Default Re: Deffkopta to Warbike- Explanations

Excellent conversions!! A wonderful idea as well.

Leave it to an Ork player to figure out the cool!

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Default Re: Deffkopta to Warbike- Explanations

Realy cool converstion I think now i'm ganno make my warboss biker in that kind of desing thanks for the idea 8)
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Default Re: Deffkopta to Warbike- Explanations

Vash, where did your images go?
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Default Re: Deffkopta to Warbike- Explanations

Vash is no longer active me thinks.
I PMed him about it a while back, and he has not responded.
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