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Pimp my Battlewagon; please help me make my Battlewagon look good!
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Default Pimp my Battlewagon; please help me make my Battlewagon look good!

First things first, I wasn't sure whether this topic belonged here or in the Hobby board. I'm not actually showing anything off, merely looking for ideas, but if it belongs there then please feel free to move it.

So, I'm currently building my brand new Battlewagon. I'm at assembly stage 9 though I've not yet added the armoured prow (I'm at the equivalent of step 22 at the bottom of this page of the Games Workshop assembly guide).

The only problem is that I'm finding that it looks a little... lacklustre. It looks more like a Trukk than an Armour 14 monstrosity. I'm not planning on using the 'Ard Case nor the turret since I'm not giving it a Kannon or a Zzap Gun, so other than attaching the prow and a single Big Shoota cupola, the Battlewagon is done.

I'm looking for ideas to help me make my Battlewagon look more like a Battlewagon; I'd like to beef it up somehow.

Now, please bear in mind that I will not be able to attach non-Ork trophies to the model, as the background of my army is that they have not had any non-Ork contact before now. Also, as it's a Genestealer Cult, I intend to include several instances of the Genestealer Cult symbol (as seen here) on the model.

I'm also looking to scratch-build a Deff Rolla for the model, as I'm too impatient to wait for the new sprue to come out whenever it's going to, so suggestions for that would be helpful too. In particular, I'm having issues deciding how to attach the Deff Rolla to the vehicle whilst still keeping the armoured prow section (which, in my opinion, helps make the Battlewagon look more like a Battlewagon and was one of the things which attracted me to the model).

I hope that people can help me out with this! Much thanks in advance!
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Default Re: Pimp my Battlewagon; please help me make my Battlewagon look good!

Hi Thespian,

I too have been anguishing over my own wagon with much the same concerns. My first big conclusion is the the prow is the main reason for the Armour 14 front, so I felt this HAD to go on.

However as an alternative I have been considering developing additional (replacement) armour along the lines of the prow and even the small 'skirts' over the rear tracks. To do this you can add additional plasti-card armour plates instead of the prow over the front of the wagon. I've found that getting mini plastic "I" beams, like big/normal steel construction ones, from rail model or similar shops means you can make quite orky additions to any vehicle/building with 'riveted' plasti-card plates.

As for the "Deff Rolla". You can make the main 'drum' from a plastic 2" (50mm) pipe with plasticard plates on the ends which are attached to two "I" beams as the supports back towards the Wagon's frame connecting just above the wheels. Additional spikes can be added to the roller with "T" sections.

If all this sounds too hard, then Forgeworld do a Deffroller for 14.70pounds.
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