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Battlewagon questions
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Battlewagon questions

Hey all, tried out my battlewagon the other day transporting 20 boyz, now I want to try out a battlewagon with the killkannon on it and see how that fairs. I was thinking maybe the best loadout with it would be 11 boys with shootas and 1 big shoota. The question I have is that the ordanace rule only applies to gunners that are stuck in the vehicle, not embarked troops correct? So I can move 6", throw down a pie plate, and then haul 25 shots out? Also the embarked passengers dont have to fire at the same unit as the vehicle do they? If I Tank shock a unit to throw out some deathrolla hits, is there any reason i then cant shoot at them in the shooting phase? Thanks for all the help!
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Default Re: Battlewagon questions

You could fire the ordnance after moving 6" and your passengers can still fire and they can fire on different targets. You can tank shock and still fire, both vehicle and passengers, as long as you've moved a distance that allows them to fire.
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