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Several Ideas, Questions and queries
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Default Several Ideas, Questions and queries


1- Is there a Wazdakka Model?

2- Is there a warboss on Bike Model? (not forgeworld)

3- What do you all think of converting Deffcopters into Nob Bikerz?

4- Do Warbikes come will pill bases or will I have to make them?

5- Conversions! What would make a good looking Bad Moons bike?

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Default Re: Several Ideas, Questions and queries

1- No =(

2 - No =(

3 - That's a good idea, and easy to do.

4 - They don't come with bases at all

5 - hmmm, I think the little details would be key to this. You need to make it look like they've 'pimped their ride'.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Several Ideas, Questions and queries

The bikes dont come with bases, but I bought some of the long rectangle bases to fit them on as then they dont tip over on me. Also gives you a way to give them some flair. One of my bikes is doing a movie pose, He is doing an endo with twin linked shoota arm out over the handle bars, turned out really great.
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