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New to orks... Help!?!?
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Default New to orks... Help!?!?

I've recently got hold of AOBR, mainly for the uber cheap marines in it, and was going to swap the orks for more marines, sadly though, i've had no interest in doing that form others. So i've decided (mainly because the stompa comes out the day after my birthday) that i'm going to collect orks aswell as marines. I've never played a horde army in 40k before, only having played grey knights, chaos marines and normal marines. I'm going to buy 6 AOBR boxes, to get loads of mini's for both armies, but other then that i have no idea what to get (apart from a stompa, and maybe Ghazkull).

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and i would like to go for a close combat foot slogger army mainly, so i can get as many mini's in as possible, i'm trying to go for a complete change from my elite shooty marine armies.

In case you don't know you get this:
5 Nobz
20 Ork boyz (2 big shootas)
and 3 gyrocopters

In the AOBR box.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Oh, and by the way, if AOBR is not a good way to get an ork army built up, i'll also settle for a nob army.
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Default Re: New to orks... Help!?!?

You may want to have a look at our Ork Library where most of our Tacticas are as well as some army builds and Battle Reports. Also, you want to get the Ork Codex and read it like the Bible :P

Since you're going the opposite direction of an Elite Shooty Army and you're getting 6 more AoBR boxes (giving you like 140 boyz and 35 Nobz), Ork Horde is the thing for you then. Most of your army will compromise of mobs of a Nob (with PK and Bosspole) and 29 Boyz.
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Default Re: New to orks... Help!?!?

I've got the ork codex, got it yesterday, and i've had a quick look through the ork library aswell.

I'm going to post a 2k list in the army list bit as soon as possible.

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