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Necron without a clue
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Default Necron without a clue

I have been Spying on reading some posts about war between orks, and the word 'spores' came up in connection with 'burnin da bodies after a fight'. what exactly does is this about?
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Default Re: Necron without a clue

It's about Ork reproduction.

Orks reproduce not in a human way. Their DNA is commingled with Algae/Fungi DNA (explains their green skin).

Every Ork releases countless Spores (whether only after his death or also during his lifetime is debated, but most spores are released on death). Those spores contain the WHOLE information of the Orkoid race - i.e. Squigs, Grots, Snotlings, and Orks.

When those Spores land on suitable locations, they hatch, forming patches of mushrooms. UNDER these mushrooms, the next generation of Greenskins grows - but what exactly you get is determined by the surroundings - if there are no Greenskins near, it starts with Squigs and Snotlings, then Grots, and, finally, Orks, who can take over the society (of course, measly Grots cannot form a proppa civilisation) that has formed.

This unique form of reproduction makes it hard to rid a planet compeltely of the Ork menace, and is also the reason Armagitzon will remain a warzone for the next millenia. This is also the reason that burning the bodies of Orks is a necessity after a battle - as soon as possible, because otherwise, they release their spores, and spawn the next generation of Orks.

More information on this can be found in "Da Uvver Book" from Gorkamorka, free for download at the specialist games site.


EDIT: Here the link to the Specialist Games website: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/co...14&aId=5300012

Just download "Da Uvver Book", and all your questions regarding Orky reproduction will be answered - suitable only for readers aged 12+ (disturbing theories, worrysome theories about mushrooms).

EDIT OF DA EDIT: I'm sorry to say, apparently the section about reproduction has been cut from the online books - a shame, really. Still, I recommend you to take a look at those Gorkamorka books - they offer a vualuable look into Ork pshykologie - even though their profiles are not up-to-date (back in those days, Orks had WS and BS 3! 3! For the love of humanity!).
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Default Re: Necron without a clue

Everything you need to know about Orks, well almost everythign can be found here:

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