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1500 pts Ork KoS
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Default 1500 pts Ork KoS

Well, I'm considering building an Ork army as my next army (I'm still doubting between Orks and Tau).

Here's the 1500 pts list I've worked out. Any and all comments are welcome. If it helps, the list is meant as semi-competative, aka meant to win, but I don't want to go all cheesy with 2x Nob Bikers. Instead, I'm just doing 1x Nob Bikers .

Anyway, onto the list:

Ork Kult of Speed;
1500 points of WAAAAAGH!!

Da Boss (135)

Warboss 135
Power Klaw
Cybork Body

Da Mek (110)

Big Mek 110

Da Nobz (500)

7 Nobz 500
7 Warbikes
7 Cybork body

1 Painboy
Nob w/ PK
Nob w/ PK, Boss Pole
Nob w/ PK, Waagh Banner
Nob w/ BC
Nob w/ BC, Boss Pole
Nob w/ BC, Eavy Armour

Da Boyz (485)

19 Wagon Boyz 149
w/ Nob+PK

12 Trukk Boyz 112
w/ Nob+PK+Boss Pole

12 Trukk Boyz 112
w/ Nob+PK+Boss Pole

12 Trukk Boyz 112
w/ Nob+PK+Boss Pole

Da Trukkz (270)

BattleWagon 135
Armour Plates
Big Shoota
Deff Rolla
Stikkbomb Chukka

Trukk 45
Stikkbomb Chukka

Trukk 45
Stikkbomb Chukka

Trukk 45
Stikkbomb Chukka


Total points: Exactly 1500.

The basic idea is have the Warboss join the Bikers (obviously), and put the Big Mek along with the 19 Boyz in the Battlewagon. Then just scream "Las' un ther's a lowly grot! WAAAAAGH!!"... or something to that effect anyway.

All the Boyz will be equiped with Choppa + Slugga. My biggest question about that is wether the 2 attacks in the Boyz profile, does that include the bonus from carrying two CCW? It doesn't say in the codex that the bonus is already included in their profile, but then again, 3 attacks (4 on the charge) seems rather overpowered for what a single Boy costs.

So, what do you think?
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Default Re: 1500 pts Ork KoS

That looks like a nice list, I've used something along those lines myself, though I have my nobs in a trukk in stead. They are quite tough as they are, and you save some 240 points (incl warboss bike) that you can use for buggies. Thats just me, I love buggies. I find them to annoy the enemy quite enough for the trukks to get there in one piece.

And the orks, yea, they are pretty evulll, and the 2A is their base, so thats 4 on the charge. For 6 points. Yes!

Of course, those warbikes will attract and ignore an obscene amount of shooting as well, so your boys will likely get there anyways. And those 8 TL biker guns are just downright mean.
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