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WAAAGHs of Tau Online
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Default WAAAGHs of Tau Online

Orks: Is there a definition that
we can use to categorize this unimaginably
large segment of our galaxy? Plague. This
word has been used from time to time, but
Orks are far more destructive then the most
horrid disease encountered. Once you believe
you've vaccinated the threat, it comes back
stronger then ever. Stupid. This is untrue.
Orks may be lacking in intelect but their outlook
on war is what every Commissar dreams of achieving.
Chaotic. There is nothing that infects and influences
this species outside of bloodlust. They don't follow
any God but whom appeases their desire for war.
Bloodthirsty. It is true that Orks love war. It is
encoded in their DNA. But it is not a thirst. It is
a necessity for life. There is but one word that
completely describes the Ork race.



After seeing many of these threads on other parts of the forum, I'd just thought that I'd spread the love to Orks. If Games Workshop is giving them so much attention, why shouldn't we? Feel free to include any information that you deem important to your own WAAAGH! here. From Warbosses to pictures, all is welcome! Below is a basic outline of what a simple descriptor of a entry can look like, but feel free to elaborate.

WAAAGH Name: Insert Name Here
Warboss Name: Insert Name Here
Other Important Characters:
  • Insert Name Here
  • Insert Name Here
  • Insert Name Here
Fluff: Insert Story Here
Common Colors: Insert Colors Here
Typical Organization: Insert Organization Here (eg. Deffwing, Ravensquig, Bad Moons, etc.)
Additional Notes Insert Anything Else Here

WAAAGH Name: Insert Name Here
Warboss Name: Insert Name Here
Other Important Characters:
  • Insert Name Here
  • Insert Name Here
  • Insert Name Here
Fluff: Insert Story Here Common Colors: Insert Colors Here Typical Organization: Insert Organization Here (eg. Deffwing, Ravensquig, Bad Moons, etc.) Additional Notes Insert Anything Else Here

I'll go first.

WAAAGH Name: WAAAGH! Nafflug

Warboss Name: Warboss Nafflug

Other Important Characters:
  • Insert Name Here: Duffog
  • Insert Name Here: Dreguz
  • Insert Name Here: Grubrunt

Fluff: Nafflug had been called many things in his lifetime. Snot, git, grub, og and skab were included in this long list of abusive slang that was hurled, often accompanied with a boot, at Nafflug. But that was what it meant to be a Gretchin. It was a sad fact that accompanied the Orkoid race. From the beginning of his gloomy life, the moment that he was spat out of the spore that birthed him, he was dubbed as different by the rest of his race. Orks, Yoofs and even his own brothers continually exiled him from their games and wartime efforts. This life didn’t suit him. He wasn’t strange or mentally handicapped, instead his cognition had accelerated past even that of the wisest of Ork Philosophers (if they could be called that) and that singled him out for cruelty. This life didn’t suit him at all. So, intending to carry out a plan of self-imposed exodus, he began gathering fellow Gretchin who were also just as capable as himself and they left the tribe, snuck out in the night with a few rations and raw materials strapped to their back.

And a new page turned over in Nafflug’s life.

The single defining moment came right after the paltry group left their tribe and ventured out into the jungles that surrounded the camps of the Orks. Bravery is not encoded in the DNA of Gretchin. Nafflug was the only Gretchin that ventured into the cavernous ruins that was a base that belonged to humans during the Dark Age of Technology. Inside of the jungle outpost, Nafflug stumbled upon a hulking machine, dormant, unplugged. Known to the little humans as a STC machine, Nafflug had no means of recognizing the potential that he had the power to unlock. The intricate script that plagued the machine had meant “dag, kill, burn, gubbinz and dreg” to the fortunate Nafflug.

He called his meager gang into the facility and after many moons they were able to connect the nuclear reactors with the machine and after lots of noise and another many moons, the machine, like the spore that borne Nafflug, spat out its own offspring. Obviously human in design, it was incredibly lackluster. It lacked in strength since a Magos hadn’t christened the venture before it began, but Nafflug, not to be deterred, ordered his most crafty boys to begin overhaul. Armor plates were crafted, guns were added, and soon it started to look incredibly and distinctively Orkish.

The Gretchin were unable to keep up with the breakneck speed that the machine produced the strange devices of war. But their group was not so large and soon every Gretchin had one of the outlandish apparatus under his command. The devices themselves had a single track and tread running from its dorsal to its rear, with a compartment that was deceptively hard to clamber into. Guns protruded from the port and starboard of the compartment, maintaining a limited range of motion. Nafflug soon learned that two of his Gretchin comrades were required to operate the machine, one gunner and one driver.

After he was equipped with a sufficient number of the contraptions, the newly named Warboss Nafflug turned his sights on his home tribe. Twenty of the machines rolled into the small camp, spitting lead and cutting down every Ork in their sights. Nafflug was competent enough to spare a few of the larger, more dimwitted Orks to utilize them as heavy lifters in his factory. Encountering his former owner and oppressor, Nafflug obliged to return the years of servitude and brutally in full. What remained of that unfortunate Ork wouldn’t make a proper meal to a starved Squig.

Nafflug continued his raid on all of the tribes that were scattered across the land, gaining many Gretchin allies and sparing the Orks that swore fatality to him. His wealth and influence continued to rise at the same exponential rate that his swelling army did. Factories popped up all across the land, pumping out war machines to be inducted into Nafflug’s army. But the first device that Nafflug had produced, with its exceptional speed, durability, and ease to maintain, soon became the hallmark of the Gretchin horde that served Nafflug.

After many years of conquering and destroying, Nafflug soon found that the entire planet was under his command. His army was gigantic, and he now had access to space-faring vessels that he used to establish connections with neighboring planets. The most important item that Nafflug had under his possession, besides the STC machine, was a set of galactic maps that plotted fellow Ork held planets, as well as those occupied by the pink humans. After establishing trade routes and partnerships with beneficiary Ork commanders in his sector of the galaxy, Nafflug unleashed his first campaign against a human held planet, Benetary II.

Diesel fumes clogged the arid air as huge amounts of clanking machines surged towards the doomed capitol of the planet. Barricaded and experienced in the nature of Ork raids, the citizens of the capitol could only imagine what would accompany that first Ork that crashed through their doorway. Imagine their surprise when a diminutive Gretchin entered instead. Nafflug dispatched his diplomats to the households to give the occupants an ultimatum. Join us, becomes slaves to us, or die resisting. The people of Benetary II were a proud lot. Were being the operative term. Nafflug’s war spoils consisted of ore, machinery, a handful of human slaves, and hulking trophy racks filled to the brim with garish skulls and human appendages.

The smeltries and mines of the planet were most valuable to Nafflug, as he deftly utilized them to produce more machinery, both agricultural and war oriented, as Nafflug didn’t intend to make the same mistake that his bloodthirsty realities, the Orks, had made by not establishing supply lines and food stores.

Many more conquests ensued, including one incredibly confusing battle were a cluster of metallic skeletons were encountered, quickly put down, and teleported mysteriously after defeat without a trace. Friendships were forged and enemies made, including one incredibly pesky group of rogue Eldar who rode hover bikes and flew a pendent emblazoned with a black arachnid. Nafflug had went from being a lowly server in a greasy Ork restaurant to becoming the foremost power to be dealt with in the entire sector. Of course with fame comes fortune, and Nafflug’s treasuries filled with a constant stream of bullion. And of course with fame and fortune came attention, and sometimes Nafflug attracted the wrong kind. His first encounter with an elite army of Imperial Guardsmen came soon after he conquerored the capitol of the Imperial sector that he had been trouncing for the last century. Thinking them to be just another group of inexperienced PDF soldiers, he only committed a small portion of his troop reserve to the fight. Needless to say they were vanquished quite quick. Nafflug, sensing this was no ordinary PDF force, dedicated the rest of his assembled army into battle, throwing himself into the fray on board of his monstrous Iron Boot (the name Nafflug officially gave the STC machine that he first built, due to its vague resemblance to a shoe). Blood filled the air in gouts and the sky itself turned red, stained by the atrocities committed by both sides. Nafflug succeeded in defeating the enemy, but the real victory was the vast swath of knowledge that he also acquired. He learned that the swollen-bellied ships that were detected were not groups of wealthy Bad Moons returning from a sightseeing voyage, and that when you saw Titans on the horizon, miles away, they did in fact grow once they came near.

Nafflug is not a regular Ork. He is not a regular Warboss. His plans and tactics are as strategically advanced as that of an Imperial Guardsmen Commander. He strikes in orderly and effective raids at the weakest parts of the opposing army, and guts the rest of the army, often stranding them by destroying their supply lines and leading them into inhospitable regions of the tossup planet. He uses high ground to his advantage, planting ordinance in the most tactically viable locations, and utilizes his elite group of Kommandos to single out and eliminate enemy tacticians and ranking officers, throwing the army into disorganization and chaos. The Imperium needs to recognize the threat that is growing in Nafflug before it is too late. But the time to squash this thorn might of came and pass, as peaceful autumn gives way to vengeful winter.

Common Colors: Every color imaginable, in no particular order.

Typical Organization: Kult of Speed

Additional Notes Most of the army is made up of Gretchin equipped with 'Iron Boots'. In game these count as Bikers.


Now everybody knows that Orks are best when encountered in large numbers so lets see how many people we can get to post in this thread, depicting their Ork WAAAGHs.
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Default Re: WAAAGHs of Tau Online

WAAAGH Name: WAAAGH! Skargut
Warboss Name: Warlord Nezfang Skargut
Other Important Characters:
  • Warboss Badlug; Boss o' da Deffwings
  • Warboss Zammek; Boss o' da Ravensquigs
Fluff: Skargut was a Boss of a small band of Bikerz in his earlier years. He would join whatever WAAAGH! that came his way. He was no different than any other Boss until he came across one of Space Marine Chapter; the Blades of Purity. At every turn, the Blades of Purity managed to stem the tide of the WAAAGH! Even killing the very Warboss of the WAAAGH! himself. The Blades of Purity would have broke the back of the WAAAGH! if it weren't for the intervention of Skargut and his Warbikerz. Even with his relatively small numbers of Orks with him, Skargut was able to use his speed to outmaneuver the Blades of Purity and crash through the Space Marines. Time and time again, the Blades of Purity aren't able to guard themselves against the speed and power of Skargut's Bikerz. Whatever left of the WAAAGH! rallied themselves. Stomping across the planet in the wake of Skargut and his Bikerz. After weeks of hit-and-run tactics against the Imperial Defenders and the rejuvenated WAAAGH!, the Orks were victorious as the Imperium has decided to forsake the planet. But in their haste, they have left many equipment and vehicles for the Orks to scavenge. With that victory, Skargut assert himself as the Warboss of the WAAAGH! And to his Boyz, he rewarded them with first dibs on whatever they could find.

WAAAGH! Skargut was well feared across Segmentum Ultima. Band after band of Orks came to join the WAAAGH! as Skargut led his WAAAGH! across Segmentum Ultima. After battle and battle with numerous opponents like the Tau and Chaos Space Marines, Skargut's original band of Bikerz grew into the Elite Nobz they are now. While Skargut himself busied himself with the WAAAGH!, he let his Nobz go about making sure his WAAAGH! stay the course, crushing any opposition that was in Skargut's way. Only recently, a mighty band has joined Skargut's WAAAGH! Warboss Badlug of the Badmoons led his Deffwings to join the ranks of WAAAGH! Skargut. An already well known Ork WAAAGH! itself. Warboss Badlug has found that Skargut's WAAAGH! found the better fights. With WAAAGH! Badlug joining Skargut's, Nezfang Skargut elevated himself to Warlord after a few 'discussion' and concussions here and there. Now, with an elite fighting force of Nobz and a horde of Boyz to follow in their wake, WAAAGH! Skargut will be force both the Tau Empire and the Imperium they cannot ignore.
Common Colors: Red and Yellow
Typical Organization: Mechanized Nobz; Fast and 'Ard.
Additional Notes Mostly made up of Nobz that are either on Bikes or in Transports.
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Default Re: WAAAGHs of Tau Online

WAAAGH Name: Waaagh! Guldreg
Warboss Name: Prince Guldreg
Other Important Characters:
  • Big Mek: Nazduruk
  • Stormboyz Nob: Blitzkart
Fluff: The origins of the Sun’z Killaz began on a world called Angelis. The warband took their name from their line of work, killing everything under the sun. After a while their Warboss, Prince Guldreg (though just Guldreg back then), grew tired of the daily life on Angelis. There was plenty of killing to be had, they were making plenty of teef, but he and his boyz wanted more of a challenge then they were finding. There had to be more out there, so Guldreg sent his meks to work on finding them a way off the planet and on to more interesting ventures. After some time, the Meks had created a boarder, a means of pulling a space hulk into orbit and teleporting the warband on to it. After a few months the time presented itself to make use of the boarder, so the Meks fired it up and away they went!

Having left Angelis with but a few hundred boyz, Guldreg needed to do some recruiting. They floated around in and out of warp looking for planets to attack and conquer, to bring the local Ork tribes and warbands under his heel. If he was to become a feared Warboss then he needed some more bodies.

Slowly the Sun’z Killaz began to fill up their ranks planet by planet. Guldreg, wanting his boyz to be the best, set his boyz on training missions on various planets. If they were to be the best Freebootaz in the universe then they had to learn to fight in different climates, fight different enemies, and overcome their enemy against all odds.

Happy with the results he was seeing, Guldreg began putting their name out there trying to round up some work. He was not picky on who his clients were as long as they weren’t picky about who they contracted. Like any good natured Ork, Guldreg and his boyz routinely found fights, even if it wasn't contract work. There was the battle with Chaos in which Guldreg claimed his honorific 'Prince'. The Sun's Killaz were out looking for a fight when they spotted some spikey boyz. Wanting to try and get an element of surprise, the trukks raced forward without delay. Chaos was far from surprised however. The trukks could be heard miles off and the billowing smoke from the exhaust seen even further away.

The fight was long, both sides taking substantial casualties in the brutal hand to hand exchanges. It was during one of those exchanges that Guldreg and his boyz surrounded a Daemon Prince as they charged out of their trukks. Firing on the way in the boyz surprisingly managed to hurt the Daemon Prince a bit. Surrounded, the Daemon Prince and Guldreg squared off with the boyz cheering on. Guldreg and the Daemon Prince swung simultaneously with Guldreg's big choppa connecting squarely and taking a hit in return. The blow staggered Guldreg back a bit, however as he recovered he looked up to see the Daemon Prince fading from existence and back into the warp.

The battle raged on well into the night. In the end both sides left the battlefield with what they had left of their army, neither side able to claim victory. The death of the Daemon Prince was a victory to Guldreg however, and earned him even more respect from his boyz.

With teef, and other forms of payment, coming their way, the Sun’z Killaz kept building and expanding. Their size now reaching a proper size in the millions, Guldreg has begun preparing his boyz for a Waaagh! A successful Waaagh! would prove their worth and get them the highest paying customers, so Guldreg keeps an eye out for just the opportunity.

Common Colors: Black, Red and Yellow
Typical Organization: Speedmek (combination of fast units and mekanical ones)
Additional Notes My fluff is a living history, meaning I work on it and progress it as I play games. Naturally not everything goes in there, just the more notable stuff. The end of my fluff leaves off for the campaign my friends and I are doing, which when concluded will surely add to my fluff.
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Default Re: WAAAGHs of Tau Online

WAAAGH Name: Gunz Workshop - AKME (A Krumpany dat makes evryfin)
Warboss Name: Bizgit “Biff” Teefgetta
Other Important Characters:
  • Rustgit “Rusty” Boltnubbler (Big Mek)
  • Gus de Halfwit (Nob)
  • Grimteef Hoomiegutter (Nob)
Fluff: At first glance, AKME-GW looks like the average Bad Moon Tribe – they like yellow, they drive posh vehicles, they’re rich, and they like to show off their wealth.

Unlike other Ork Warbands though, they are not actively seeking out planets to plunder – they instead look for other Orks to trade. Aboard their Space Hulk “Gunmonga”, giant forges run day and night, churning out Kustom-made “Pimptrukks”. Hundreds of Grots work on “fluffy dice”, thousands of barrels of fungus ale are made, and hundreds of human slaves put together Shootas and Sluggas, adorning them with little gold plates.
Upon reaching a potential trade planet, the Gunmonga lowers a Rokk into the middle of the biggest Ork settlement its Krew can make out from orbit (usually obliterating half of the settlement in the process). This Rokk, though, is not (only) a weapon of war – it is a complete mall, featuring drinking dens, Mekshops, and much more. After a couple of days, when the Rokks stores are depleted, it (complete with parts from the surrounding city) is again raised into orbit by the giant Lifta-Droppas from the Gunmonga.
Rarely, the GW-Boys attach themself to a Waaaagh!, selling their stuff from aboard their Hulk, and serving as mercenaries (though they take great care to show of their weapons and vehicles to the potential kustomaz around them).

“Da Bigga Da Betta” is their motto, and while a lot of Ork Tribes favor fast vehicles, AKME-GW sells massively pimped ones – after all, the fastest buggy is of no use if your opponent rides on the vehicular equivalent of a Squiggofant. Their weapons are adorned with “extra bitz”, making them look much more dangerous and...well, “pimp”, and their beer comes in funny cans that make satisfying noises when crushed on an Ork forehead.

Common Colors: Yellow and Black
Typical Organization: Bad Moon, mostly motorised
Additional Notes Use only wheeled or tracked vehicles, with at least 3 wheels - no bikes, Deffkoptas, Gargbots or Killakans. GW started on a desert world with vast plains, so walkers were much too slow. And Bikes are just too weedy and small for the Orks from GW....
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Default Re: WAAAGHs of Tau Online

Warboss Name: Knut and Hardaknut
Other Important Characters:

Boss Snikrot
The Smusha and The Crusha (battlewagons)

Fluff: It is unclear how or why Knut and Hardaknut both lead the same WAAAGH!, but Imperial Commanders can no longer deny the strange reality. It is clear that half the WAAAGH supports Knut and the other half support HardaKnut, but somehow the two have not degenerated into fighting for dominance. Instead it appears that they have a competitive rivalry.

Common Colors: Insert Colors Here
Typical Organization: Insert Organization Here (eg. Deffwing, Ravensquig, Bad Moons, etc.)
Additional Notes Insert Anything Else Here
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