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lootas or burnas?
Old 25 Dec 2008, 11:45   #1 (permalink)
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Default lootas or burnas?

i have got 2 sets of lootas/burnas for christmas. i know i want some lootas in my army so im making 5. but i dont know whether to make more lootas or some burnas. can anyone tell me whitch i should make and why?

P.S merry christmas
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Default Re: lootas or burnas?

Don't do anything yet until you hear from the other members. I have to go to bed right now, but they will all ask the same thing. I bought one box and made five lootas, two burnas, and a nob from the pieces. You can convert anything in the ork army. Look back, and I did some burnas. In the next few days I'll post my lootas, if you want to wait.

What kind of army do you want?

What do you already have?

Who do you play against?

How many points do you want?

Which one do you like better?
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Default Re: lootas or burnas?

the answers to the questions are in order:

1.a mixed force but im looking for some anti tank right now

2. i have 72 sluggas, 2 warbosses, 3 warbikes, 1 trukk, loads of gretchin and im getting the new battlewagon

3.marines and chaos marines

4.about 2k or so

5.i like lootas better
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Default Re: lootas or burnas?

Personally I love lootas, but unfortunately they can't peirce the armor of space marines or chaos. They are still amazing when they hit off 3 shots apiece but it might be good for u to have Burna Boyz also so u can use they're "cuttin flame" from the burna.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: lootas or burnas?

You could always take both in good quantities. Even though I'm starting a Tau army, I have the ork codex (know thy enemy ), and just about every unit in there is cheap.

Well, Lootaz and Burnaz are 15 points each, but you could still take a squad of each, with maybe 5 to 7 orks in each (no need to go all uniform with these guys, they're orks after all). Both sound like they could help out your army, no matter what enemy you fight.

But thats just my opinion. A do like the idea of ten lootaz getting 30 shots in one turn, and I also like the idea of ten burnaz incinerating a sh%#load of enemies. But taking both, I think, just expands your options on how to annihilate the foe >
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Default Re: lootas or burnas?

Originally Posted by Ragga the Slayer
Personally I love lootas, but unfortunately they can't peirce the armor of space marines or chaos. They are still amazing when they hit off 3 shots apiece but it might be good for u to have Burna Boyz also so u can use they're "cuttin flame" from the burna.
A Rhino has a front armor of 11. Predators have a front armor of 13 (I believe). Each of these is within the range of Deffguns. The only piece of machinery that is not able to be reached by Deffguns is the God-like 14 of the Land Raider. Leave that to a Boss with Power Klaw. Strength 7 and AP 4 is nothing to scoff at, and not even a Space Marine could shrug that off. The "cuttin flame" doesn't have Shtlk on Deffguns, except for the fact that it instant hits. It doesn't have the range. It doesn't have the Strength. It doesn't have the AP. It doesn't have the pure output of ammunition. Check and Mate.

Now, Emperor, lets take a look at each one of the questions that you answered and I'll give you a fairly complete evaluation and feed back.

1) Honestly, neither of the aforementioned units are effective Anti-Armor units. That is where we Orks struggle the most. Our accuracy is anything but accurate so we have to rely on Power Klaw wielding, footslogging Nobs and Warbosses to deliever the astounding blow to a tank to incapacitate it. That being said, Lootas would be much more effective tank hunters/destroyers then Burnas, because, well, they have a high enough strength to get past some armor. Sure you aren't going to be destroying Land Raiders and Leman Russes with ether unit, but you will be able to destroy small and lightly armored vehicles such as Vipers and Rhinos with the Loota's Deffguns.

Winner: Lootas

2) Well, depending on the equipment that you've given those Nobs and Warbosses, again, I would have to say that Loota's are your best choice here. You have a huge swarm of Anti-Infantry Sluggas, and the 'Oomie slaughtering Assault 3 guns of the Warbikes. The only unit, depending again on the way that you equip it, that has any degree of Anti-Tank capabilities is the Rokkits that you may have in the mass of Sluggas, the Power Klaw that you may have on the Warbosses and Nobs, and then a Kannon, Zzap Gun, or a Killkannon (along with up to 4 Rokkit Launchas) on the Battle Wagon that you are in the process of purchasing. Burnas are essentially horde controllers and it looks like you have plenty of those in your current list.

Winner: Lootas

3) Marines can be a tough nut for Ork armies. Encased in their nigh- impenetrable armor, nearly everything that we can throw at them will bounce off. They have to be taken down via mass fire, close combat, and a certain degree of luck. Burnas will not help you here. Effective against Horde armies, petroleum will just heat up the bulky armor of the Marines. Lootas, on the other hand, can be upgraded and degraded to meet nearly every challenge that the Marines could pose, from destroying Rhinos to killing enemies in huge swaths. Again, Lootas prove superior to Burnas in your case.

Winner: Lootas

3) Point limits are hard to determine what units will be more effective and why, however it is fairly easy to see the solution in your case. In lower point games, players are attempting just to achieve minimum force organization and get their model count high. In large point games (1500 and above), players, after fulfilling their core force requirements, are free to purchase harder hitting, faster, and more specialized units that can really put a dent into any strategy. As stated before, Burnas are fairly inexpensive anti-infantry units that can control most basic infantry units that any can throw at them. However, they struggle in large games were there are large amounts of Tanks and tough units such as TEQ's. Lootas are more costly, more specialized, and in most cases more hard hitting. They can trade blow for blow with nearly any units that the enemy has to throw at you. From tanks to TEQs, to regular infantry, Loota's can handle the hardest and most diverse situations that any Marine Army can throw at you.

Winner: Lootas

5) Well this is fairly self-explanitory. I have to agree with you on this point. I love the look, feel and attitude that Lootas bring to the table. Their playing style really compliments that of the rest of their army. Go with your gut instinct with this decision, as it will serve you better then the alternative.

Winner: (Yet again) Lootas

In conclusion, Lootas are the better choice in nearly all sectors. If you encountered Horde type armies on a more regular basis, then the outcome may have been different. In a modeling setting, you may be able to have the best of both worlds. You say you have two of the sets, correct? Then you will be able, assuming that you can spare some of those Slugga bodies, be able to produce 10 Lootas and 10 Burnas. The set comes with the arms to produce both units so if you have 10 spare sets of legs, bodies, and heads you will be able to have both of the units that you want for a minuscule cost. Then you will be able to alter your list to better your own situation in coming battles.

Cheers and good luck with the Boyz in Green!
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Default Re: lootas or burnas?

I very much agree with the above posts that I find Lootas better on a whole by themselves as they have much more superior range.
They are not (as far as I've seen) anti-MEQs in any way, but are quite nice at taking out transports and >T4 opponents. If your Marine player decides to send a Ravenwing-esque or a lot of Bikers in your direction, the Lootas will help a LOT. Also very helpful vs. Landspeeders.
As for the Necrons, the Lootas are useful for hurting Tomb Spiders and keeping the area clear in general of bigger than normal things.

I would normally discount the Burnas, but I've noticed you have a Battlewagon coming up.
Burnas and Battlewagons go together like beer and chips. Especially when tank shocking, the burnas can come out and clear out objectives like nobody's business.
Burnas can't do much vs Marines normally, as they attack a bit too late for my taste, but versus Necrons... oh my now this is a different story. Getting the attack first, as Necrons are also a bit slow at I2, the Burnas can cut through the dead-heads and give you some much needed breathing room. Very useful if you're a bit from phase-out and want to push them over the edge. Also good for clearing out the swarms

Just my two cents.
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Default Re: lootas or burnas?

I would like to add a few words in the burna's favor.

as BigToof said burna's and battlewagon's go together very well.
how ever if you use them. instead of assaulting consider a drive by (move 7" and stack those flamer templates) don't discount the sheer volume of fire they put out.
(example last game I had on vassal command squad with 4 flamers in chimera vs 5 GK terminators = 4 dead ones and a grand master on the receiving end of 4 plasma guns)

what I suggest you do is get a slugga box and build the full 8 burna's 8 loota's and 2 mek's with the extra bodies from the slugga box and just run the 8 loota's and mek's together and give the battlewagon a crew of 8 burna's
But Isn't it funny to think that guard might be able to copy eldar tactics slightly?
You mean "Perform Eldar tactics better than Eldar", right? :P
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Default Re: lootas or burnas?

There's always the 3rd option of converting FlashGitz out of the bits in the box!
That's what I did recently, and they look great.
Hard as nails to.
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Default Re: lootas or burnas?


Pros and cons of burnas


Pros and cons of lootas

I would use lootas in a optimized list for a competitive game but I prefer burnas for fun games. Don't discount them entirely. They need a character to the lead them for sure and in assault they work best in conjunction with another mob. They also need a transport to be most effective. This tends to up their cost and makes it more difficult to get their points back. They are effective but rather costly as you need larger mobs and transport.

In the end go with what you are most comfortable playing with. I still field my burnas in a battlewagon in larger games and at times have had very good results using them. Lootas are almost always good but they will flee when targeted. It all comes down to applying your choice judiciously and using good judgement and tactics.
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