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Ork Strategy & Tactics - 5th Edition - Fast Attack
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Default Ork Strategy & Tactics - 5th Edition - Fast Attack

This thread will be for the Fast Attack options


Toss in your 2 cents the more people chime in their experiences, the more informative the thread will be.

Discuss your own tactics and experiences with them under 5th edition.


So far i've been using the Deffkoptas to outflank but I havent had much success with them because they just seem to hate me and I keep rolling a 1 for the reserve roll and when they do come onto the board they outflank the wrong side.

My deffkoptas are all equipped with twin-linked rokkit launcha (ASoBR)

I wanna know what everyone here thinks of deffkoptas and what other options in the codex have good synergy with them.

Also are bigbooms worth it? and what about the other wargear and equipment for deffkoptas what works best for you?
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