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Effective List Making Tips
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Default Effective List Making Tips

Everyone has their own way of making a list and I wanted to share how I make mine to hopefully give some tips to the newer Ork players here.

I find it's easier to start making a list with a goal in mind. Do you want a well rounded list, a shooty list, fast list, etc. Once you have a direction in mind you can start picking your units.

Next I setup my compulsary units as I find it's far easier to build off that than to put in the fun units first and then try and squeeze in the units you need to have last. You know you need these units so take them first. On the note of units you need, someone once told me this, boyz before toyz. It's easy to start making a list with all the cool units first but the problem is you often shortchange yourself when it comes time to get the troops in there. Troops are extremely valuable in 5th edition, don't hurt yourself by neglecting these. Use elites, heavies, etc, as a means of enhancing your core list, not the other way around.

Wargear, it's great and we all take it but when I'm starting out my list I keep this to a minimal. I feel you're better off getting in more units, or larger units, then you are having smaller, or less, units that have a bunch of wargear. This really depends on the style of list you're running, but as a general rule keep wargear low when you start out. Once I have all my units I'll go back through and start spending those extra points on additional wargear. This way wargear isn't forcing my list composition by leaving me too few points for units I need.

On the note of wargear, know what you can't live without and be sure it makes it into your lists as you start or add in that unit. For example, my Trukks always have reinforced rams on them so as add a Trukk to my list I always add the ram in then, not later. This way once I have all my units in, and the wargear I always take along with them, the points I have left are extra. I also find it's easier to remember what unit has what this way. I always know that all my Trukks have a ram on them, I don't have to check my list. Again, these are things you can't live without that are always present, not saying don't add different or other wargear too.

Try and cover different key elements with more then one unit. You always want a means of busting up armor, well most of us do, but don't make the mistake of only having one unit that can do it because without fail you'll lose that unit and be left without a means of dealing with armor. For example, lately I've relied a lot on Deffkoptas with twin-linked rokkits for busting armor. I may also give my Boyz some rokkits, take a unit of Lootas, add some PKs to my mobs, etc. It also gives you versatility with your list because you aren't relying on that one unit to be where it needs to be at the right time, you have flexibility on who goes where.

On a related note, I don't build my lists around a key unit. As soon as you build your strategy around one unit you have lost flexibility. As I said above, have a goal in mind and use the entire army towards that goal, not a single unit. You don't want your entire game plan to go into the crapper when you lose a single unit.

Don't field units that are too small for their intended purpose. Don't feel compelled to field a unit that's small just because you have it. Most often you're better off not fielding that unit that's too small and putting those points into a more valuable unit. I won't take 3 Warbikes in a 1,500 point list because it's a waste of points to me. It's too few models to serve as a distraction or threat. Bikers are tough but when you only have 3 of them it doesn't take much to remove them, and in a 1,500 point game you'll find plenty that can remove them. Small units are fine if they can accomplish something, like a small unit of Kommandos that infiltrates near the enemy. Give them a rokkit or two and sneak them up near the enemy armor. They don't have to take out the enemy tank, but the shear threat that it can is often all you need.

The last thing I do is comb through my list. I make sure I have what I need and that the list fits the goal I had in mind. I reevaluate the units I've taken, why I took them and their cost. Could another unit that's cheaper better serve me, or is this unit going to be effective enough? It's easier to see the glaring weaknesses in your list once it's all put together.
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Default Re: Effective List Making Tips

Originally Posted by Thor{DoH}
It's easier to see the glaring weaknesses in your list once it's all put together.
too true perfect example of flopping what i want in before i get what i need
I used to have my SAG in with a unit of 20-30 gretchin, it soaked up wounds from shooting like i wanted but it left my SAG vulnerable to getting tied up in close combat; if that gun isn't shooting it's not worth the points, now i use 3 units of 10+runtherder (or less if i have other troops i want in) to surround my SAG to blunt assaults and give me more turns of shooting.
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