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A little help vs the Necrons...
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Default A little help vs the Necrons...

Hi All,
Sorry to post another one so close to the first, but I've got a tentative match vs a necron player.
Having not played the necrons in 5th Ed. yet, I'm a bit worried, as they seem to be anything but easy.
The player I'm playing is one of the vets of our club.
From what I've seen he usually builds his force around a backbone of:

Lord w/Res Orb

It's going to be 1000-1250pts, and I know its going to be a big, potentially nasty fight.
If anyone has any advice for dealing with the Dead-Heads, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Default Re: A little help vs the Necrons...

My advice - don't worry about it. Orks beat necrons in almost all situations, and there is nothing particularly scary they can throw against you. Get locked into combat as quick as you can, so that the Monolith can't hurt you. Once you're there, you've won the game - he can do nothing to fight back against you, he has LD10 to stick around with, and once you (quickly) destroy his warriors, his monolith runs out of batteries.

The monolith is the only thing that really CAN hurt you in this list, so just don't let it. Kill the things that are easy to kill that contribute to phase-out. If you're looking for list modification advice, I say Trukks. Necrons will only ever glance them on 6's, and you should have tons of trukks.

Having played nnecrons in 5th Ed. I'm not worried at all, since they're incredibly easy. They need an updated codex, becuase since 4th edition they've only been slammed in the nards.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: A little help vs the Necrons...

And make sure you have that Power Klaw Nob, just in case you know
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Default Re: A little help vs the Necrons...

As Ninja Ork is saying, get those tin 'eads into assault. Necrons have good toughness and a nice save but they lack initiative so you'll swing first on the charge. They also only have one attack, so they aren't scary in assault.

He'll use Scarabs to screen his Warriors so just go around them if you can and if you can't then be the one charging into them. Those little bugs can tie you up for a while and actually inflict some damage on the charge. Speed will be the key to getting around that tar pit.

Destroyers are brutal, long range and nasty guns. Depending on how many he fields, you may have to deal with them. Destroyers are fast, so again you're going to need some speed if you need to catch these guys in assault. They're nothing special in assault though, only thing going for them is they are T5.

Focus on his Warriors, and Destroyers if fielded in numbers, to phase them out.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: A little help vs the Necrons...

when i played necrons (one of my first few games) i made em 'Ard Boys and that significantly reduced the amount of casualties i took while getting into close combat.
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