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Need help with orks...
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Default Need help with orks...

Hi, i'm trying to play a quick battle of orks versus tau and my friend (the orks) forgot his codex and doesnt remember the point values.... typical of him >. Could anyone be so kind as to post a quick rundown of points and maybe special rules, or know a place i can find them? I have the stats in the rule book just need points and what not. Thanks! ;D
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Default Re: Need help with orks...

Well, due to Games Workshop having a copyright on that info, it's not really ours to give out. In fact we could get the TO website into trouble by just posting raw rules lists.

If you look through the posts, you may find some scattered references here and there to point values and rules that are under direct discussion. But sadly, we can't be of much more help.

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Default Re: Need help with orks...

Wow, that didn't even pop into my head... I'm sorry. Don't want this website to get in trouble because its great. So this thread is officially closed lol. Thanks for the warning.
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