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Quick Nob Bikerz Question...
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Default Quick Nob Bikerz Question...

Hi All,
I've been trying to make something useful today, and I was looking at my Nob Bikerz, which are well... currently just Deffkoptas sans flying base that I've been pushing around (of course making the vroom-vrrom noises too )
I plan to give them wheels soon, but I was wondering about a size issue... I noticed that the Warbikers model doesn't use a static base, but are they roughly the same size as a Deffkopta? I'd just feel bad if I spent a lot of time working on the model, and then it turns out that they're obviously too short/long/etc.


P.S. Also, its kind of fun to push the Deffkoptas around, because they look sort of like weird rocket sleds
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Default Re: Quick Nob Bikerz Question...

BigToof, my Warboss is on a base which consist of a MC Square Base and a MC Round Base Who cares if it's too long or too big as long as it is OK with you But if it too short then there will be issues :P
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Default Re: Quick Nob Bikerz Question...

The nice thing about Orky tech is that you don't have to worry about all your bikes being exactly the same size. The only reason the GW bike models are the same size is because it's cheaper for GW to make them uniform. In all honesty anything close will work just fine.

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Default Re: Quick Nob Bikerz Question...

Thanks all!
My main concern was making the model too small.
Nobody seems all that concerned if its large=easier target, but if its small, people accuse me of making harder targets (shrug). As if one of my Nobz' roles isn't soaking up fire for the rest of the group...

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