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Orks are they suitable for me?
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Default Orks are they suitable for me?

I was wondering I have to buy AOBR (alone now) so the Orks are mine, someone has offered me 10 (a fourth of the price) and I was wondering should i just keep the orks and start an ork army? if so What shall I buy with 18 chaos extras or ork extras?

are space elfs. Of course their boots never get dirty, their stuff won't get dirty, their weapons won't get dirty, their hair won't get dirty, the aspect warriors won't get dirty, and their women won't get dirty - which is also why they are a dying race. ^-^
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Default Re: Orks are they suitable for me?

Go with Orks! loot the dread and kill the marines!

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Default Re: Orks are they suitable for me?

I suggest you keep the Orks as an investment Sooner or later, you'll want to parts, bitz and the models
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Default Re: Orks are they suitable for me?


Personally, I do see a tad bias in asking this in the Ork army board, considering we'd probably all say "Keep the Orks!" :P

And just to reinforce it, I say it holds true. The Orks are a truly awesome force when played any way you want to, the only limiting factors are your sportsmanship. Orks are supposed to be the fun to play against army, not a really competitive and easy to break army.

So if you can stand losing a few games and winning a few games, but generally enjoying yourself with a massive wild card, Orks are for you.
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